Monday, December 12, 2016

Nice Scratcher

WAFFLES:  Uh oh. Here comes the Boss and she's got that get-off-my-scratcher look on her face. I better scram on account of she's also got that I-mean-business look on her face.

*two minutes later*
WAFFLES:  Hey Boss. Nice scratcher.

KATIE:  You're not getting the scratcher, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  But I wasn't even–

KATIE:  You're not fooling anybody. You've got that I-want-your-scratcher look on your face. I can see it a mile away. Why don't you go scratch on that other scratcher, right over there?

WAFFLES:  But I really like this scratcher.

KATIE:  Occupied, Waffles. Occupied.

WAFFLES:  Would it be occupied if the UPS man was coming to the door? 

KATIE:  What UPS man?

WAFFLES: The one who's going to ring the doorbell in 3, 2, 1...


WAFFLES:  The Boss is even more scared of the imaginary UPS man than the real one. 

About Today's Photos
Today's photos all take place on the most popular scratcher in the Townhouse. It sits in the fireplace room right next to the kitchen counter where all of Katie & Waffles' meals are prepped. That means it gets a LOT of scratch action. 

Although it's not likely Waffles was trying to fool Katie about the UPS man coming to the door, these photos do illustrate what a planner and schemer Waffles is. He's often a few steps ahead in his furry little mind, plotting and planning his next scratcher, toy or food dish takeover. Rest assured though, Katie is still the boss of him. She may have leaped off the scratcher this time, but she'll be sure to find a way to even the score. 


  1. Wow, who knew that Waff was such a planner??? :)

    Hey Katie, the UPS guy kinda freaks us out, too...

  2. We're pretty good about time sharing here - even Binga! Usually.

  3. Sometimes it's the ones that play dumb who will rule us all

  4. We like the UPS guy maybe you'll get a nicer one Katie.

  5. Hmmm, maybe if the UPS man bought a second scratcher, for Waffles, would that help or just double the jeopardy for Waffles? purrs ERin

  6. We're impressed that Waffles is a planner! Poor Katie.....

  7. That's a great scratcher. Have a great day.
    Sue B

  8. Waffles!!! Remember, Santa is watching!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Waffles we totally support you in using any means available to get that scratcher. Good job!

  10. I await to see what Katie's plans are to get back a the Waff. I take notes to see how I can get back at Ichiro...

  11. That's a very nice scratcher! And you know you can always share...Have a great week:)

  12. We were at friends' house when a doorbell rang on TV. Their two dogs went running for the door barking like crazy. The funny thing is that they have a knocker - have never had a doorbell...
    It might have been handy to have a recording of the sound back when there were introductory skirmishes to break up.

  13. It's a sad, sad day when Waffles outsmarts Katie. I bet he pays dearly too!

  14. Ah Waffles! You better watch your furry back!

  15. Oh no, Katie. We can't believe you fell for Waffles' trick.

  16. How sneaky, Waff! Katie's going to steal your favorite napping spot while you're scratching there... better watch out!

  17. Doorbell rings, I really don't react. Derby used to go to answer the door. He Wanted to see if he could sneak out.


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