Monday, April 25, 2016

5-Star Laps & Naps

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I think Gloman needs a bigger lap. 

KATIE:  I think his lap is just fine, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Gloman, we need to get you a bigger lap. Can we order one on Amazon? We have Prime. 

KATIE:  Gloman says you need to wait your turn, Waffles and put Glogirly's credit card away. You're not an authorized user anyway.

WAFFLES:  Authorized, schmotherized. How's Mister Amazon going to know?

About Today's Photos
It was a regular love and nap fest here over the weekend. Katie and Waffles were taking turns on Gloman's lap all weekend long. Although Glogirly's lap had plenty of vacancies, it's just not as 5-star as Gloman's. Think Motel 6 versus the Ritz. Katie and Waffles have very discriminating taste in lap accommodations.


  1. That's how it around here sometimes. I'll look over at John and he'll have Harry in his lap, Pumpkin on the back of the chair by his neck and Sherpa sitting on the end table. It's a cat crazy world

  2. Laps! You guys are lucky! We got NONE here, with these busy humans!

  3. WE ONLY HAVE TWO LAPS CATS OUT OF NINE!!! Huh you guys fight over one lap! Huh what's wrong with the lufferly Glogirly then * puzzled look * Mum and I think she is PAWsome.

  4. Glad y'all had a great weekend! But we conpurr with Dash.... What's wrong with Glogirly?!?

    1. Glogirly's less than stellar lap-appeal is a result of two things -

      Katie has never liked to be picked up and held much. When she was a kitten, Glogirly just loved her so much she couldn't resist trying to pick her up and tell her how much she loved her. But Gloman always let Katie come to him. So that "picking up" has stuck with Katie. She'll sit right next to Glogirly, but never ON Glogirly.

      For Waffles, it's a matter of comfort. Glogirly is fidgety and doesn't sit still long enough for Waffles to reach his optimum nap zen. Gloman can sit or lay in just the right position for much longer. Waffles will sit on him like he's a lazyboy recliner.

  5. But Glogirly has the best pillow, right, Waffles ? Purrs

  6. You are so lucky. No lap cats at our house.
    Sue B

  7. The occupied lap always looks more inviting ... It's one of those grass is greener things.
    Maggie (with Rufus sitting on her)

  8. we aren't sure Amazon could fix that problem Waffles....sounds like you are just going to have to wait your turn :)

  9. We hope you didn't have to wait too long for your turn on the Gloman lap, Waffles.

  10. Grandpaw Greyson gets first dibs at mom's lap. But everyone sleeps on mom, MOL. Thank goodness we have a dad lap too. He takes the overflow. Senior cats and girl cats get first dibs Waffles. Love your expression! Purrs

  11. There's good laps and there's great laps. Clearly, Gloman has great lap mojo.

  12. Ya both look very cute. Sometimes me's mommy needs a bigger lap too. Maybe we could get a discount fur buyin' in bulk Waffles.

    Luv ya'


  13. We know what you mean. Mommy's lap isn't nearly as comfy as the dad's over here either.
    By the way, what's Chopped Liver ...?

  14. i like mum's lap and her boobities too. Nice and soft.

  15. We're not really lap sitters, probably because we're too big and would likely slip off. But some of us like to crowd around mom in bed.

  16. Good try Waffles- if only you were an authorized user.


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