Friday, June 5, 2015


KATIE:  What.

WAFFLES:  Uh, Boss? I think that's my chicken drumstick.

KATIE:  And?

WAFFLES:  And it's my chicken drumstick.

KATIE:  You already said that, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Can I have it back?

KATIE:  Why.

WAFFLES:  I don't know. Because it's my chicken drumstick?

KATIE:  What if I'm using it?

WAFFLES:  But it's MY chicken drumstick. 

KATIE:  Yeah? Well what about that chicken treat you stole from me?

WAFFLES:  But you weren't really using it.

KATIE:  Waffles, you stole it out of my MOUTH.  

WAFFLES:  Yeah but you hadn't swallowed it yet.

KATIE:  Waffles, do you know what they say about payback?

WAFFLES:  Are you going to pay me back with my chicken drumstick?

KATIE:  Not exactly.

About Today's Photos
All of today's photos were taken earlier this week, the day after we returned home from our big Nashville trip. There's been a whole lot of lounging going on. Seems a couple thousand road miles earns you unlimited napping privileges. Sorry, Waffles... that does not mean you get unlimited chicken privileges.

In fact, Glogirly was so tired, her math skills flew right out the car window. Originally she thought we'd driven a total of 1,162 miles. But upon checking her math twice, no more like six times, she realized we'd driven a total of 2,070 miles! And that doesn't even count driving into downtown Nashville last Friday night for BBQ. Chicken. With her roommates. Who returned with not a single a kitty-bag of leftovers.

Speaking of payback...


  1. I knew I should have gotten a doggy bag! Oh, wait...

  2. That's the one thing my human would have liked to have in Nashville and forgot - BBQ! Maybe she'll have some in Phoenix - Mexican food in Nashville and BBQ in Phoenix... sounds about right in my human's twisted logic!

  3. Maybe Waffles needs some salmon sushi......

  4. No doggie bag of BBQ?!? That's just plain wrong ... Katie, you teach him!

  5. We've never had a chicken drumstick to eat but it does look very tasty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. The Chicken Drumstick disagreement...we had one once....

  7. They had chicken and you got none? So wrong...

  8. You won't be seeing that drumstick for awhile, Waffles.

  9. you go Katie!!! And that is A LOT of miles your Mom covered!

  10. I think Miss Katie has gotten a taste of the celebri-cat lifestyle, and it tastes like chicken...

  11. Ms Katie, that's why you're The Boss!

  12. Paybacks are....not Waff..she IS the boss!!

  13. Careful Waffles you sure don't wanna payback.

  14. I believe you guys need arbitration ..... or do I mean an intervention!!?? MOL

  15. Wow ! That's a lot of miles ! That drumstick smells like trouble... Purrs

  16. Waffles, Waffles, Waffles
    Lily & Edward

  17. I think you have lost that drumstick for a while Waffles.

  18. Is there a pic of Waffles grabbing that treat out of your mouth Katie?! I have to see that!

  19. So Glogirly is math challenge, hey? Oh well, twice the frequent rider miles for you two. Yeah, payback is well, might not be worth it.

  20. Mom can't believe you two made this incredibly long trip. You were both very brave, especially Katie. Mom was mega disappointed that she didn't even see Waffles. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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