Saturday, January 31, 2015

TV Trip: One-Adam-Chicken, One-Adam-Chicken!

WAFFLES:  One-Adam-Chicken! One-Adam-Chicken! We've got a 10-63 in progress. Over.

KATIE:  Waffles, dispatch is supposed to call US. Not the other way around. And "One-Adam-Chicken?" Seriously??? Our car says Waffles 12. Really not much of an improvement if you ask me.

WAFFLES:  Boss, you're supposed to say over. Over.

KATIE:  That's just when you're on the radio. So what's this about a 10-63 in progress? Do you even know what that is?

WAFFLES:  Um, no. But it sounds good. Over.

KATIE:  You've been watching WAY too much TV, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, you want to play with the radio? Over.

Or the siren? Over.

How about we stop off for a snack? Over.

KATIE:  How about you hand over the radio and get us back to the station. OVER.

Do YOU know what a 10-63 is???
Take your best guess and let us know in the comments!

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Katie, Glogirly & Waffles


  1. 10-63 Somepawdy is stealing Chickenz!

  2. or mew can go with the real purrlice code fur 10-63 which is subject positive/prepare to copy mol but I thinkz sumpawdy iz stealing Chickenz!

  3. Chicken rustlers I think...hehehehe,xx Speedy

  4. Gabby is right: subject positive, prepare to copy. So we think Waffles has found chickies.... Maybe KFC.

  5. We think it's a chicken trying to cross the street to get to the other side. MOL
    Greyson and Mr. Chivers

  6. yep, 10-63 sounds like someone stealing chicken. What else could it be if it concerns Waffles, that boy and his chicken. If he doesn't watch it he might turn into a chicken himself. Now go get that chicken rustler.

  7. Our human does not know what a 10-63 is, but she says she feels about 63 years old! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey Gang!

  8. We love chicken!
    Have a great weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  9. One-Adam-Chicken, oh guys, MOL ! Is 10-63 a chicken robbery ? Or a chicken-napping ? Purrs

  10. 10-63 is an unlawful gathering of chickens making fun of orange kitties. Over.

  11. Ummm..A stop for lunch at KFC??? or..Prepare to copy..

  12. I don't know about a 10-63 but Waffles should not be allowed anywhere near a radio - he'd be calling for chicken all night long!

  13. A 10-63 definitely has something to do with the theft of chicken. Over.

  14. Well, the way we understand it, a real 10-63 is "prepare to make written copy". However, since Waffles is repeating it, we assume it means preparing to eat chicken.

  15. Would a 10-63 be a toilet paper rampage, Oficer Waffles?

  16. Hmmm, 10-63 chick-hen frying in progress, copy that One Adam Chicken. Over.

  17. MOL Y'all awe always so cute. Yous very talented. And Katie we fink yous oughtta giv Waffles a bweak and stop off fur lunch. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  18. Maxwell: Dood, sounds like you an' Katie are having a bit of a 10-77 there.
    Allie: Maxie, honestly. *Must* you always be the Nerd?
    Faraday: Well, at least he's an appropriate 10-100 user....

    (groan...sorry, our MOM is such a nerd, too....)

  19. We know what a 10-63 is: Theft of a bucket of Extra Crispy KFC. And we know who the purrpetrator is: Waffles 12 in the fur! He thinks no one will ever suspect him as he is a law enforcement officer. MOL! Please join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  20. Waff, are you a 12th man?! HA HA HA!!! But we loved that show, however 12 is a popular number around her right now!

  21. My human only knows about 5150, but that's because she kind of liked Van Halen at one point.

  22. Hmm 10-63 KFC ahead. LOL. Loved this one.
    Sue B

  23. I know what is 10-13 is. I yell that every time the sucky thing comes through. 10-13! 10-13!!! Mayday!! Cat down!


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