Monday, September 30, 2013

Operation Kitty Lounger Makeover

RECORDED VOICE:  Hello, Special Agent Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Um, hello? Who's there?

RECORDED VOICE:  The secret Kitty Lounger People from Peach Industries are requesting your your services on a very important operation. 

WAFFLES:  Operation? You mean like doctor stuff? 

RECORDED VOICE:  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make-over your Peach Industries Kitty Lounger.  

WAFFLES:  Mission? Like secret agent stuff?

RECORDED VOICE:  Recently a box was delivered to the Townhouse. 

WAFFLES:  Um, yeah. We got a box. It's not gonna blow up is it?

RECORDED VOICE:  Remove the content from the box and lay it out flat on the floor.

WAFFLES:  Ok, it's flat. You still didn't tell me if it's gonna blow up though. 

RECORDED VOICE:  You need to take the new kitty lounger cover and place it on top of your existing kitty lounger frame.  

WAFFLES:  Shouldn't I be wearing those fancy SWAT pants? Are you sure it's not gonna blow up? 

RECORDED VOICE:  There are pockets on the corners of the cover. Place them over the corners of the kitty lounger frame.

WAFFLES:  Are you sure I don't need some tools? Or maybe a cool tool belt?

RECORDED VOICE:  The only tools required for this delicate operation are your paws. Make sure all four corners are snug and in place and secure the perimeters.

WAFFLES:  Ok, my perimeters are secure. Wait, what's a perimeter?

RECORDED VOICE:  It's critical you protect the operation from opposing forces. This is a matter of national kitty lounger security.

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss? I think your opposing forces are in my perimeter. 

 KATIE:  You want my opposing forces?

KATIE:  I got your opposing forces. Right HERE.

RECORDED VOICE:  Be sure to tell your readers about the special mission discount going on NOW through October 4. Peach Industries is offering 25% off their beautifully designed lounger covers for both the original and the mini kitty loungers. Special Agent Waffles and Katie's townhouse is outfitted with both loungers and reports indicate that they LOVE them. Use promo code GLOGIRLY at checkout for special mission discount. This blog post will self destruct in 10 seconds.

WAFFLES:  I knew it! We're gonna blow sky high!

25% OFF All Kitty Lounger Covers from Peach Industries!
Now through October 4. Use promo code: GLOGIRLY.

FTC Disclosure: We received this product for review at no charge from Peach Industries. We also received a small fee to cover the time it takes to test, take photos, and write the review. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence our review. All reviews on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions.


  1. You can tell Peach Industries that Harry LOVES his lounger as long as he can keep Sherpa away from it!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! We loved it! Great post, kittehz.

    Happy Mancat Monday!

  3. HA HA HA !
    Very Funny post Waffles and your new cover looks grreat !

  4. Too cool! Waffles, you're a great secret agent! Can you keep a secret, though?!?

  5. Wonderful Waffles!! You are the James Bond of the kitty world! And gorgeous Katie is M!! Yay! Take care

  6. BOL. I love the idea of S.W.A.T pants!

  7. Be careful Agent Waffles! I think your about to get SWAT'ed on the back of your pants. Opposing forces don't think your as cute as we do.

  8. Special Agent Waffles you did a terrific job, why those instructions are easy enough even our Mommy could do them.

  9. What a pawesome job you did there Waffles.

    The Paw Relations

  10. Uh oh. We don't think you wanna see Katie's opposing forces, Waffles!

  11. For a moment there, I thought it was Katie playing a trick on you, trying to get you to do all the work so she could lay on the new lounger cover.

  12. Waffles, that's an EXCELLENT job you did on that lounger. Colours go so well with your fur!


  13. You need a utility belt like Batman has - be WaffleBat!

  14. W2, you are so handy. Changed that lounger cover in nothing flat!

  15. we love those loungers but we suspect Waffles isn't cut out for international espionage :)

  16. W2 we are glad that nothing blew! Well maybe Katie did....on second thought.

  17. Secret Agent Waffles: I hope this post is not going to self-destruct any time soon. Pawesome review of your lounger!
    *high paw*

  18. NOOOOO! W2 is into interior decorating. I knew there was something a bit feminine about him. *ducks as computer screen blows up with blog post* TW reads too slow.

  19. What a fun post. Katie you finally stole something from Waffles. LOL. Those loungers look pretty comfy.
    Sue B

  20. Great post Waffles! We loved your expressions!! We're also glad you didn't blow up!

    The Florida Furkids

  21. Wowzers! You did a GREAT job with that, Secret Agent Waffles! Don't you need to get a trench coat or something? And one of those secret agent hats! You'd look totally cool!
    Play bows,

  22. We call it a hammock and we like it
    Benny & Lily

  23. I know this is serious spy business...but we couldn't help snorting 'n giggling!

  24. We kept waiting for your post to self destruct in 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

  25. Glad you didn't self-destruct or blow sky high as we would have missed this very cute post. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Calista Jo


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