Sunday, June 30, 2013

Introducing Mail Chimp & Bloglovin' for GLOGIRLY

WAFFLES: Um hi everybuddy. Waffles Too here. I'm here with my new friend, the Mail Chimp.  He came over to play Monkey See, and also to tell you about something new.

MAIL CHIMP:  Hi everyone. Thanks for inviting me over, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Thanks for the cool hat, Mister Mail Chimp.

MAIL CHIMP:  I suppose you're wondering why a monkey would want to hang out on a cat blog, huh?

WAFFLES:  Well, don't tell...but Glogirly's nickname for me IS Monkey.

MAIL CHIMP:  I'll take that as a compliment, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Um, so WHY are you here again?

MAIL CHIMP:  I'm here to tell everyone that has just launched a brand new follow-by-email subscription program with Mail Chimp. In fact, if you were already a subscriber through Feedburner, your email address has been transferred over to our new feeding system and you should already be receiving your daily GLOGIRLY updates.

WAFFLES:  Um, feeding system??? You mean like bananas?

MAIL CHIMP:  No silly, it's a BLOG feeding system... so none of your friends ever miss your blog posts and go hungry for GLOGIRLY.

All your readers have to do to subscribe is enter their email in the new box at the top of the sidebar. It will take them to a cute pink page where they select html or text only for their emails. Then they'll get an email back from you to confirm their subscription. Done!

WAFFLES:  I was kind of hoping for bananas.

MAIL CHIMP:  The emails your friends will receive with your new blog updates are super easy to read and look really cool.  They'll see your logo and lots of pink.
← ← ← Just like this sample to the left.

WAFFLES:  That's cool. But I was kind of hoping for orange.

MAIL CHIMP: There's also social media share buttons at the bottom. Your friends can just click to share your post on Facebook or Twitter. They can even email it to their boss. As long as their boss likes cats.

WAFFLES:  I sure hope SOMEBODY'S Boss likes cats.

MAIL CHIMP:  And there are some fancy square follow buttons just in case one of your friends doesn't already like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, pin with you on Pinterest or watch you on YouTube.  You are after all, multi-channel cats!

KATIE:  So Waffles, how about letting ME get a word in edgewise? 

WAFFLES:  Um, just one word?

KATIE:  If you would enjoy having me and Waffles land in you inbox everyday, please make sure to type your address in the little box at the top of the sidebar and click SUBSCRIBE.  If you thought you were subscribed but haven't received anything from us in the past couple of days, please check your spam filter. And if all else fails, you can easily sign up again. I promise it will be fun and I promise you'll be safe from spam. Unless you really want to eat ham in a can.

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss?  But what if someone doesn't want us showing up in their email? How can they follow us?

KATIE:  Excellent question (...can't believe I just said that.) Lots of our friends have been following us through Google Reader which is going away on July 1. In fact some people are reporting it's already gone. We've got an awesome alternative to that called Bloglovin'. Many people are already using it and Bloglovin' it. It's really easy to set up an account and you can follow all the blogs you want from any platform. (Blogger, Wordpress, etc...) To make it even easier, we have a new Bloglovin' Follow Button at the top of our sidebar. Just click it to follow GLOGIRLY. 

We'd love to hear from you if you experience any trouble with our new Mail Chimp emails or Bloglovin'. You can just hit 'reply' to our emails, they'll come straight to us. Or send us a separate email at

WAFFLES:  So Boss?  Do I have to use Bloglovin' to follow you around the Townhouse? 

KATIE:  *sigh*  

We'd like send a BIG thank you to The Cat Post Intelligencer's Chey & her Human for helping us out with the technical side of Mail Chimp. Sometimes the techie-stuff makes our heads spin here and it's really nice to have a great guru to fall back on. She's just an email away if you need some help of your own!

We received some questions we thought everyone would like to hear about:
Q:  Is Feedburner going away?
A:  According to Google, No. Only Google Reader is going away. You'll still be able to receive email updates to other blogs you've subscribed to. But OUR subscribers are now receiving blog updates from Mail Chimp. 

Q:  Do our subscribers receive a new email each time we publish a new post?
A:  Yes. We typically post once a day, so subscribers will receive 1 email from us per day at approximately 1:00 am CST.

Q:  Does the new Mail Chimp email have a summary of blog posts?
A:  No. It includes the most recent post in it's entirety. But there are links at the bottom to other recent posts in case you missed any that you want to catch up on.

Q:  Do we share emails?
A:  No. Never.

Q:  Are there other readers out there besides Bloglovin'?
A:   Yes! Many people are liking Feedly.

Q:  Is Waffles still annoying you?
A:  Do cats nap?


  1. I, of course, did all the heavy lifting. My human knows nothing. Now, I'm off to nap...;).

  2. I really hope this phasing out of Google Reader goes smoothly for all of us. I am having problems with Bloglovin and my blog - I have emailed them about it. I hope they help!

  3. I am following you on bloglovin now

  4. I'm heading there naow →

  5. We love Mail Chimp for our weekly cat photo quote and email subscriptions but need to figure out how to make them more pretty! I was thinking about Bloglovin. Let us know how it all works. It's easy following most blogs on the catblogosphere too.

  6. Love the way you designed your mail chimp letter. I really need to update mine, and I understand that they have done some type of re design with their forms. :)

  7. We are sure glad our subscription through Feed Burner was fed to this chimp, 'cause all this monkey business (MOL) is making our heads hurt. As long as we get our notifications of your new posts, we will be happy. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Mommy had never used Google Reader nor known much about it until recently. And now she's just learning to use Feedly. She's a little slow with these things....

  9. Thanks Katie & Waffles fur the info. Have a Happy Sunday!!!

  10. The mom says all this reader stuff is making her head spin! She signed up for Bloglovin but doesn't like it...more like she can't figure it out. She's been using Feedly and while it's not the greatest, she is getting used to it.

  11. Mom signed up for Bloglovin, Feedly and The Old Reader. She's trying all of them.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Am I wrong or what - but I've been following you through Google in my Dashboard. I'm hoping your bloggy will continue to come in on my Dashboard. If not, I'm in big trouble with just about every blog I read.

  13. Signed up for Bloglovin. Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Sue B

  14. The head peep didn't like Bloglovin' so she's using Feedly. Paws crossed that Feedly's business model works out, because nobody wants to switch all those feeds over again any time soon!

  15. Katie... Waffles... I so wanna trade peeps with you! I mean, your peep is so tech savvy. My peep is... is... is a technologicall imparied duffer! And that's on her GOOD days.


    PS. Sure do hope you'll come visit me on my blog today 'cause there's a special little something waitin' for you over there. purrs

  16. Mommy went over to Feedly...for now!

  17. I've signed up to about six readers including Bloglovin! So hope I won't lose any blogs!!!

  18. Thanks for the info you look great in our email.

  19. I have been using Feedly for quite awhile now and really like it. I think I may need to add a bloglovin button too as it seems pretty popular.

  20. Mom signed us up for Bloglovin, Feedly, The Olde Reader and something else on her iPad. She has been stubborn and up until today had been using GR. *sigh* It'll be gone soon, so she is tryin to decide which is easier to use BL or Feedly. So far Feedly is winning. But we imported everything so we've got you covered Katie and W2!

  21. Haven't looked at Mail Chimp, but after testing out a bunch of alternatives I've settled on Bloglovin' too...I like the clean display it offers and it's easy to organize

  22. We have imported all our subscriptions to Old Reader. I haven't really tried it yet and still using GR until the bitter end. Oh well, suppose we will see how it works out tomorrow. I checked and your posts are showing in Old Reader.

  23. Mom's been working with both Mail Chimp and Bloglovin', but her follow through is lacking (MOM!!! Glogirly is doin' it, time to get cracking!!!!). She may have to have you make her one of those fancy Bloglovin' buttons soon... (yeah, we'll poke her until she does). We're off to get you into our inbox!

  24. That chimp is one cool dude and we use his stuff too! I have y'all in Feedly so I won't lose you!

  25. Lemme be straight with you, Katie. I get enough emails so I don't subscribe to anyone by email. Also, when you read a blog by email, it doesn't count as a hit (view) on their blog so if they're , you know, sensitive about their numbers, they feel like a failure and get all bitey and stuff. I have it on my blog cos people have requested it but I'm not really down wif it.

  26. Very cool and the name is the best, Mail Chimp, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  27. Hi Katie and, uh, Sidekick! You guys is so fashion-forward (well, high-tech forward) it shames us. I am lucky I even HAVE an email address.

  28. I know we are old fashioned over here , but Google Friend Friend Connect is not going away is it ??!!

  29. I'm follwing you via Bloglovin'. I started a link up for all pet bloggers on Bloglovin' to find and follow each other. Please join in the fun and spread the word!


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