Monday, July 2, 2012

My New Friends At Animal Ark

I've been blog-bombed by Bentley!

Hi everyone, Katie here.  Wait...THAT'S not me!!!

I know I come here to laugh, to snort, to roll your eyes.  A dash of dog-defamation here, a pinch of peep-persecution there. Today I'm shaking it up like a perfect catnip cocktail. Don't worry, you can leave your kleenex in the box. But there's bound to be some awwwwws and squeeees ahead.

The BIG news coming out of the BlogPaws Pet Blogging & Social Media Conference in Salt Lake City was the Nose-To-Nose Awards. The BIGGER news was our exciting win for Best Cat Blog. But the BIGGGEST news is Glogirly and I now have an amazing opportunity to help a local shelter!  On behalf of Halo Pets and BlogPaws we are donating 5,000 meals to Animal Ark Shelter right here in our home state of Minnesota. That's a LOT of food!

If it were ALL for me, it would last over 12 YEARS!  Holy CAT! Gloman's got shoes older than that.

Ellie's a lover.

To celebrate, Glogirly & Gloman visited Animal Ark to meet some kitties waiting for adoption. I authorized the visitation on the condition that heavy-duty cat hair rollers would be employed upon their return.

Gilda & Glogirly.  Looks like the feeling is mutual.

Animal Ark is located just south of Minneapolis in a beautiful and historic town called Hastings. A new cat adoption center opened recently right in the heart of Saint Paul, the capital city. This is where Glogirly & Gloman stopped by to share some neck scritches and headbonks. With the kitties.

Bentley's playing the cute card and hogging the camera.

Remember Just One Day? On June 11 of this year, shelters across the country joined paws to create a no-kill nation. Just for a day. This wildly successful campaign was organized and coordinated by Animal Ark of Minnesota and the No-Kill Advocacy Center in California. It all started right here in our own backyard! Animal Ark was instrumental in helping to make Just One Day the safest day for companion pets in US history.

Gilda strikes a pose.                                        Bentley's just hangin'.                                     Albert, snoozing by the fan.

About Animal Ark
Animal Ark is Minnesota's largest no-kill shelter. Although they're a small organization with limited green papers, they've created some of the most elaborate sheltering available for homeless cats, dogs and rabbits. Instead of small, cold, stainless steel cages, cats are housed in large, open, kitty apartments that include exterior windows, cat trees and other amenities.

Dogs are housed in spacious kennels, some measuring 9 X 12 feet. (That's bigger than Glogirly's first apartment!) Each dog is provided with it's own soft, raised bed with blankets, chew toys and treats. They have large outdoor yards to play in and go out three times each day for potty breaks and playdates with other dogs. In the summer, kiddy pools and a water misting system keep them cool and refreshed.  In addition, dogs are also walked each day by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Rabbits are kept in a luxury bunny suite that includes all the amenities a house rabbit deserves.

Animal Ark On Facebook
Be sure to Like them on their Facebook the love!

Animal Wise Radio
Did you know Animal Ark has their own radio show? With an awesome lineup of expert contributors, Animal Wise Radio is a place for you to cry, laugh and be entertained as they celebrate the many profound connections people have with the other animal species that share our world. Listen now!

Guess who? Bentley again.

The Animal Ark kitties were throwing on the charm. I have a feeling it was pretty hard for Glogirly to leave without a cat in her bag.

Help the Animals Celebrate Their OWN Independence Day!
For the entire month of July, Animal Ark will offer half priced adoption fees to help their animals earn their independence from the shelter. (651) 772-8983

Please follow me. I promise it will be fun.

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  1. We hope all of the kitties find the bestest homes they need and deserve so badly!

  2. Are you SURE she didn't leave with a cat in her bag...I don't have any rooms that you can no longer access, right? Trust me. I know all the signs.

    So cool Glogirly won big time for this awesome shelter.

  3. Thats a lot of very good news this day and quite opportunity to help some kitties. Animal Ark looks like a pawsome place for helping all those kitties find forever homes.

  4. Katie, you are VERY lucky your humans did not come back with another kitty, 'cause all the ones at Animal Ark look very cute! That is awesome they helped start the Just One Day movement!

  5. We love no-kill shelters. We wish there were more of them.
    Thank you for donating the meals to Animal Ark Shelter!

  6. The best way to be bombed!! A lot of squeee from this side of the pond. Great work :)

  7. A great way to be bombed , Katie !
    My mom have squeed and awwwwwed a lot :)
    GREAT that they are going to get 5000 meals from "you" :)
    Like you say it´s a lot of food !!!

  8. Great story. This is what it's all about! Congrats, we have a surprise for you. Stop by and pick up your award from us on Monday.

  9. Animal Ark sounds like an awesome shelter for pets to wait for forever homes! We are so pleased that you are donating so much food to the sweet homeless babies! Congratulations on your awesome award, too!

  10. animal ark is a great organization... i can't visit the shelters cuz i end up wanting to bring all the residents home with me.

  11. YAY for Animal Ark! We hope all those kitties find their furever homes. Katie...don't you want a playmate?? ;)

  12. Hiya!!! :) Thank you for posting a comment!! I LOVE to have kitteh friends.. in fact, if you become our friend, that will make 3 kitteh friends, that means each one of us has one of our own!!! :) (3 kitteh + 3 doxies = nirvana!!)

    I have added you to our google reader, through NetworkedBlogs and the Googley-boogley Friend Connect. :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  13. Hey Katie,

    Animal Ark sounds awesome and how cool that they've now got an extra 5,000 bowls of food!!

    Did you have to give Glogirly the 'Sniff Over' when she got back? I have to do that if my Mum has been disloyal and I smell Dog on her when she comes home, thankfully it's not too often!! Phew!! :)

    Wags to all the cute Kitties,

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  14. We are delighted to hear that Animal Ark were the winners - we just went and read about them and it sounds a great place for cats to be if they need a new home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. They all deserve the purrfect forever home and hooray for you for helping them!!!

  16. we hopes they all get forefur homes!!!!

  17. Katie, wouldn't you like a brofur or sisfur? I didn't think I would like a sibling, but turns out I do! One of them anyway. ;)


  18. Hope Glogirly isn't getting any wild ideas about another roommate for you. Our charity visited us Caturday night. Besides the Halo I won, they had some other good news that will enable them to build more houses at the sanctuary so they can take in more cats!

  19. CONCATULATIONS on being able to help all of those kitties and CONCATULATIONS to such a wonderful shelter!!!

    You covered it thoroughly and beautifully!!!!!!! Superb!

  20. Oh it is so great to hear about a no-kill shelter. I sure wish we get more of them started. That is so great that you won that award and are giving that many meals to that wonderful sounding shelter. Well done. Those are some might nice looking kitties. We think you just need a roommate Katie. Take care.

  21. 5000 meals is SO wonderful! Katie, you got a couple of great peeps. Glogirly especially--knowing about those 12-year old shoes put Gloman out of the running, so to speak.

  22. Coucou Katie, c'est moi, LUNA =^.^=
    How are you sweet girl?
    Here everything is okay, but my "secretary is still lazy", maybe it's all about Summer time.
    Your new friend is adorable, I love all portraits, very artistic compositions!
    ahhh and your mammy is beautiful, always beautiful!
    By the way, what's her beauty secret?
    I'm always thinking of you both!
    purrs and love
    Luna and hugs from my mammy Léia

  23. Wow - 5000 meals - that's so great. Although I suppose 5000 meals in a shelter's year is probably just that -a year - maybe even less. i'll bet they are delighted too. I loved all those kitties. M said she wants one, but I reminded her she can't have one.

  24. That is so wonderful Katie. I am sure you are happy to share your blog for this fantastic announcement

  25. Congratulations, Katie, for the 5000 meals and also on the win for best cat blog! Well done, kudos all round. :-)

  26. we hope all kittens of the world have foreve and lovely homes!

  27. congratulations Kaite new you would win!speedy

  28. Concatulations on your win! And kudos to Halo Pets and BlogPaws for sponsoring the Nose-to-Nose awards. 5000 meals goes a long way and the Animal Ark Shelter sounds like a great place to donate them to.

    Mom & I loved meeting you at BlogPaws.

  29. I don't know Katie, Glogirly was looking pretty attached in that one photo....congrats on the win at Blogpaws!

  30. Wonderful news all 'round.
    Now the shelter cats won't have to worry where their next meal will come from for a while.
    Huge relief!

    Is Katie still an only child?

  31. Congratulations on your winning Blog! Yay to BlogPaws and Halo for that pawsome prize too!

  32. Whoa Katie
    that is utterly pawsome.

    such good work is going on that rescue and those kitties we are sure will find their forever homes very soon.


  33. That's just the best news ever! We are relatively new to kitty blogging, but we love your site and we are very excited that you are helping kitties in need. Thanks!

    Gronk and Izzie

  34. Thanks for spreading the news Katie & Glogirly!

  35. Great post Katie! And yous a hero!

  36. Congratulations for winning the Nose-to-Nose award. We weren't able to stick around for that part. And that is awesome that you got the opportunity to donate so much to a shelter!

  37. 5,000 meals is a lot of cat chow! Wonderful that the nose-to-Nose awards is more than just a trophy! Yay for BlogPaws!!

    And - again - concats to you!

  38. Congratulations on such a great win at the Nose to Nose Awards and for getting to help such a wonderful shelter!
    We called the shelter that we were donating our meals too the other day and the lady was so happy she cried and then I cried! It is such a wonderful, overwhelming feeling to be able to help! BlogPaws and Halo Pets are awesome!

  39. What!? Glogirly didn't bring you back a friend. That shows a lot of restraint. Seriously Katie that is very nice that you authorized their trip to the Ark Animal Shelter. What a fabulous thing to be able to donate so many meals to such a great organization.

    Great job!

  40. What a great organization Animal Ark is! So very nice of you Katie to share your bloggy with your feline furiends there :)

    Waggin at ya,


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