Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Want YOU

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Auditions are officially open again!  We're calling all cats for the second Real Housecats cast.

Friend and cats, old and new, have been coming out of the woodwork meowing about how much they love the show. And what better way to keep it going, than to bring in more cats!  In fact, it's our longterm plan to have a rotating cast of amazing cat-talent.

That doesn't mean that some of the original cast members won't make a cameo here or there.  It's going to be hard to keep them away from the set. know, with all that salmon and nip.

We've refined the entry instructions in the Real Housecats Tab and placed a link in the sidebar.

Tell your friends.
Tell your family.
Tell anycat you think has that special something.
...ok, we all know that means EVERYCAT!

The deadline for the next cast submissions is April 1, no joke.  So don't be a fool and miss it!

The next episode will begin airing THIS SUNDAY EVENING!  The Housewives may be Desperate on Sunday night.  Especially with their show coming to an end soon.  But the Housecats are REAL and READY!

Better make sure you're ready too.


  1. Wow - The Real Housecats are on a roll. Hollywood and Broadway will be next. If it's even half as good as the last one, it's guaranteed to be a hit.

  2. Wow! The Real Housecats are so popular, we're already doing spinoffs!! We're gonna take over the Blogosphere!

    We can't wait to see the next episode!!


  3. That’s a BRILLIANT idea!! I hope Glogirly is enjoying all the hard work?? It is so appreciated, especially by those who are now A-list celebcats!!! >^,.^< XOX Can’t wait for the next broadcast :)

  4. How exciting! Mebbe one or all of us will try.

  5. This so cool...the more kitties the merrier. As far as Ginger is concerned...more kitties to gossip about! A dream come true!

  6. Ok, I am making Rumblemum get off her bottom and take photos of me. The house needs some RUMBLIN'!!!

  7. We're going to BUG Mommy big time to get her to send in our pictures...well at least one of us.

  8. Me and Charlie are so excited to see the next batch of gorgeous housecats!! We loved the original housekitties so much - we can't wait to see what's in store for the newcomers!! Yay! Take care

  9. Hollywood..the ballyhoo of Hollywood..

    ::tries can-can dance:: (ouch, I think I just sprained something)

    Glad to hear a second round of auditions is open. How exciting!


  10. YAY!! Soooooo happy to see that so many kitties will be involved!!! It will be a complete blast!!

  11. How fun! Maybe mama will let one of us try out!

  12. YAY !
    What a great idea with moore Real Housecats !
    Looking forward to see who is going to apply this time !
    Have put the add on my facebook :)

  13. we are holding a town meeting to spread the word
    Benny & Lily

  14. Ooooh, Mommy! You know how you said next time?? That's right!


  15. We hope we can get Mom to enter at least one of us!!

    The Florida Furkids


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