Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hi everyone, O'Katie here.

Even though it's only a Photoshop hat, I still hate it.  I'll never understand the whole whoop-d-do about St. Patrick's Day.  Whoop-d-whatever is more like it.

Gloman, I have a message for you:  
Step AWAY from the green food coloring.  

Ok, on a WAY funner note...
We are taking submissions NOW for the next Real Housecats cast!  Click HERE for details.  Get those humans of yours in gear.

And don't stray too far from your computers.  The next episode of The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere begins airing THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!


  1. Katie!
    Yous makes the purrfect Irish Cat Lass!
    Happy St Patrick's to yous!

  2. We like the hat and we can't wait fur the next episode!

  3. You are so cute!

    The Pink Flamingo Kitties want to thank you for the good wishes. Doc is feeling much better today, and driving the staff crazy!

    The Pink Flamingo Kitties
    Doc Holiday
    Mommy Cat
    Bubbles Silverman
    Hoss Cartwright
    Bat (Brat) Masterson
    Madam de Pompadour
    & Miss Leontyne Price (aka adorable little kitten)

  4. O'Katie, you are looking very swell for St. Paddy's! We are very excited for the next episode of the Housecats! You folks have been doing such an incredible job!

  5. Happy St Paddy's day Miss O'Katie:) You look rather reluctant but fetching all photoshopped up!!

    Austin is agog (no not a dog!) to see what the next Real HouseCat masterpiece is. You guys are so talented xoxox

  6. O'Katie...we not too fond of the wearing o' the green today either!! Happy St. Patrick's Day in spite of it all!!

  7. Happy St Patricks day. loving your hat! Can't wait for next episode :)

  8. We're lucky the only green thing at our house is the grass outside!

    We are pacing with excitement for the next episode of Real Housecats. Figaro is a bit nervous....

  9. I know you hate the hat but... you really look quite stunning in it. Hats just aren't your thing, huh?

  10. O'Katie, you may not like the hat but you sure do look gorgeous in it. All Mama could manage is a cartoon hat for us. Well, I'll wish you a Happy St. Patty's anyway.


  11. Happy St. Paddy's Day beautiful girl. he he - you look good in green.

  12. you are looking good with your make-a-believe hat
    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Benny & Lily

  13. You look very good in your hat O'Katie. We are looking forward to the next episode of Housecats.

  14. Happy St Patrick's Day! At least you only had photoshop. We had to be totally humiliated by wearing green clothes!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. You may hat that hat, Katie, but you sure are ROCKIN' it, girlfriend! :)

    Happy St. Catrick's Day to you and Glogirly!

  16. Hi might not have liked WEARING that St. Patty's Day green chapeau but you look MY-T-FINE in it!


  17. Happy St. Patrick Day one day late but who cares ;-) I think you look very pretty in that hat Katie !
    Xoxo from Kjelle Bus a.k.a Charlie Rascal

  18. Oh Dog! You did the videos for Real Housecats? I loved it! woo woo woo!

  19. Beautiful O'Katie!! The gorgeous green hat brings out the diamond shine of your eyes! Yay! Happy St Patrick's Day!! Take care

  20. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!! We is late cause Mommy was off gallivanting which is not right at all.


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