Monday, February 6, 2012

Katie Le Chat | THE MOVIE

Bonjour everyone, Katie Le Chat here.

Filming concluded over the weekend and I was able to teleport home just in time for my Superbowl nap. When I awoke, the milk and champagne were flowing in celebration of my first foreign-language film, Katie Le Chat Goes To Paris.

So grab a glass of bubbly, pour a bowl of milk, put on a beret if you have one!

Click HERE to watch on my YouTube Channel. This is the BEST viewing experience. You can also click below, but Blogger cuts off the right side of the screen. Boo Blogger.


  1. OMC! We loved it!! Looks like you hade a great time in France. When are you coming to Holland? You can visit Amsterdam!

    Purrrs Lars and Odin

  2. MOL. That's such a funny video of your adventures at Paris. You sure spent a whole lot. Combien? :)

  3. Very enjoyable video. Hope you will do more of these.

  4. Mygoodness, what fun...and you out did youself again Katie!

  5. Wonderful video my dear! Your work is marvelous!! Too bad Kozmo missed yous in France!

  6. OMC you are so silly I can't stand it! lol.

    Loved the fish hanging from your "CAT NIPS!!!" LMAO!!

  7. you would top all the commercials during super bowls
    Benny & Lily

  8. Katie, that movie was tres magnifique!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time in the City of Lights. :)

  9. We luffed it! What fun! Katie looked so adorable.

    What fun Paris would be if you went with a furriend, too! (hint-purrrrsss..)


  10. Katie, you are a very smart and resourceful kitty!

  11. Hi there! Love your blog! Purrs x

  12. We laughed! We cried! We howled at the fish pasties!

    Ce un merveilleux voyage!!

  13. Were you tipping or bribing that doorman?? You are one crazy kitty Katie!! Le Poisson will get his own blog, though. LOL at Caren's comment about the cat nips hehehehe! xox

  14. I grabed a glace of milk and put my beret on and I LOVED your french miaowing movie !

  15. Oh Katie, you have outdone yourself! What a shopping extravaganza! Everything costs so many smackeroos in France. Your fish-pasties in the Moulin Rouge scene cracked me up.

  16. Standing up, clapping, yelling - BRAVO - ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE! We LOVED it Katie.

  17. Katie! That was a great movie! Mama loves Paris. I loved your Louis Vuitton bag filled with les poissons. Wow, you danced at the Moulin Rouge!


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  19. Encore! That was a great production Katie. We MOL when you were dancing the cancan, and even more at Caren and Cody's comment.

  20. Oooh la la! Katie le Chat!! You are tres gorgeous and so chic travelling with your adorable beret, shopping dans le Paris!! Oh wow! Me and Charlie especially love your guest dancing in Le Moulin Rouge doing the Cat-Cat! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Mais oui!!

    Take care

  21. Tres bien! Bravo! We can't decide what part we liked best, but the mom was very impressed with how well the luggage was tied on. We can't wait for your next adventure!

  22. That was great!! I loved my name at the end too! So nice of you and GG to think of me!


  23. I can't watch this enough! The camera LOVES you! What a tremendous film experience. This is truly better than any of the ads during the Super Bowl, that's for sure. Bravo! I knew you when!

  24. C'est Formidable! Katie and Glogirly y'all are brilliant and you put a big smile on our face today!


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