Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi everyone, Katie here.

As of midnight last night, 19 cats auditioned for The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere! Glogirly and I have had a blast pouring over your most intimate details and photos. We even decided to expand the primary cast to 10 cats! Can you believe it!?

But just like American Idol...
Just like Britain's Got Talent...
We're going to leaving you hanging on the cliff.

The decisions have already been made and shooting has begun in an undisclosed location. Can you bribe us? Well, maybe.

I hear helicopters overhead.
I swear, the pawparazzi will try anything.

The cast is keeping a low profile in the shadows.
Soon though, their identities will be revealed.

And yes, those silhouettes aren't just kitty clip art.
Those are the REAL cats.


  1. Oh the waiting is so hard! Patience is not one of my many virtues.

  2. This is soooo exciting !!!
    PLEASE , don´t let us hanging from that cliff to long !!
    Hmm I´m wondering what I shall bribe you with , Katie.
    A real big smoochie on your nose maybe is the trick ??

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! Me is just SOOOOO excited!!

  4. I think I heard there is gonna be a preview on Entertainment Tonight!

  5. I'm trying to figure out which silhouette is me! MOL! Can't wait for the premiere! Can't wait for the Red Carpet!

  6. We know this is going to be exciting. We can't wait!!!

  7. A bribe??? How does TEMPTATIONS sound???!!!!! It sounds pretty convincing to me!,, we are so excited I can hardly stand it!,

  8. Nineteen!!!! WOW!

    OK what will it take, babe. This opportunity is so important. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed. It will mean everything to me to win this. Katie, you know where you can come for a nose rub and tush sniff …. >^,.^<

    Errr, sorry, Austin seems to have got to my keyboard ;)

  9. I am looking at the silhouettes, but I cannot figure any of them out. Rats! I'll just have to wait until your cast is revealed!

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this is gonna be soooooooooooo much fun!!

    I can't wait!

  11. That rotten mommy did NOT enter me!!!!

  12. We so wanted to enter but our grannie was sick so that slacker mom didn't have time...or so she claimed. She could have stayed up a night or two! Anyway, we are excited to see what happens!

  13. We didn't make the cast coz Mommy didn't send our pictures! Hisssssss!!!

  14. OMC!!!! The suspense is killing us!!! I'm gonna keep my ears open to see if I hear any choppers overhead...


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