Monday, November 14, 2011

Life Got In The Way

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I know, I know...WHERE'S CHAPTER 13 ALREADY???

Well Glogirly is telling me that life just got in the way, but she'll be writing the next chapter tomorrow. ...actually it's half done already.

Glogirly said she got a pink slip at work a little over a week ago. She's always told me that the pink ones are the best. But apparently that applies only to jelly beans and gum drops.

So she's had to take some time to promote herself a bit. The kind of work Glogirly does is very visual and an ordinary resume just won't do. So she built herself a website and just finished today.

You can take a peek if you'd like...
Just click HERE.

I think it's ok, except that there are NO cats on it. Imagine...NO CATS AT ALL. I sure hope this doesn't affect her chance at landing a decent job.

So I'm sorry you've been waiting so long, but as I've said before...It's HER fault.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Your human's website and resume are impressive! I hope the lack of cats anywhere doesn't ruin it for her.

  2. what do you mean tomorrow...oye!
    Benny & Lily

  3. I always say that a cat can only help...maybe you can spread some virtual fur on Glogirly's resume?

  4. Whoa! That's impressive. If TW had $$, she's pay Glogirly to do one of those for her. She might also have to invent interesting jobs for her. So Glogirly didn't stay in CA with Aunt Dorothy?

  5. We haven't looked up GG's website but we are SURE it's amazing case GG is amazing!

    We are sorry about the pink slip, they are crazy to hand GG one of those! We are sure GG will find an amazing job.

  6. The website resume is really impressive. That sure was mean of her work to give her a pink slip, though. We will be rooting for her to find just what she would like as a new venture.

    We're glad she will let us re Ch 13 soon.

  7. Wow, that resume *is* impressive! We hope you land a job soon!

  8. Hi Katie. I'm sorry GloGirly got a pink slip. I hope she went out and bought some pink jellybeans and gum drops to make herself feel better :-). The website is great, and I'm sure she'll get snapped up in no time!

  9. Oh noooo - not the dreaded pink slip. Dat's horrible. M says she hopes things will go well for Glogirly and she'll find another job real quick. Now we're going over to check her web site.

  10. Wow - just came back from her web site - it's impressive.


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