Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TV For Sale

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Tonight marks the end of an era. Don't worry, I'm not talking about me. (Scared you didn't I!)

Tonight Jack Bauer went dark for all time. Glogirly's (almost) favorite show aired it's final episode. The 24 clock has stopped ticking. Sadly, MY favorite character Chloe, the snarky CTU agent that everyone loves to roll their eyes with is history as well. We had so much in common, Chloe and I. Check out my TRIBUTE to her back when the 8th season of 24 was just beginning.

... tick tock tick tock.

Glogirly says we should just sell all the TV's now. Nothing worth watching. Gloman says we should just donate them. To the train tracks that run behind the townhouse.

On an unrelated note...
Glogirly has finally returned from her three weeks of new job training. She's showering me with Salmon-love. And she promises to be a better blogger. She misses all of our wonderful blogging friends. Warning: She's a big talker. Don't cut her too much slack. You KNOW I won't.


  1. Well, I'm certainly happy Glogirly is showering you with salmon. Dat's the least she can do after leaving you for what seemed like "forever."

  2. We're sorry your favorite show ended! Our Mom doesn't watch many current shows - but any time she does watch tv, we always sit "up front" so she has to watch around the kitty silhouettes! Hehe!!

    We're very glad that Glogirly is back & that you are (so rightfully) getting showered in salmon!!

    Have a Happy Week!!

    Nico & JayJay :)

  3. We're glad you're back Katie, we missed you sweetie!...We hope things are going well with your Mom's new job...Have a happy week beautiful girl...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Tell me more of this salmon love? Can it be adapted to be tuna love?

  5. Yay! Your Glogirly is back. We love salmon too. We never watched 24, but we watch Saving Grace and it only has 4 final episodes left, and we'll miss it too.

  6. Nice to see you again, Katie! Our human doesn't watch any of the popular shows on TV, so we can't offer any comment. In fact, we're not interested in the TV at all, not even when there's a nature documentary on!

    We hope Glogirly's job is going well and look forward to seeing more blog posts. :-)

  7. Pssstttt: Our the Mom says to check out Justified on FX. Awesome, awesome new show.

  8. MMmmmMMMmmMMm...a salmon shower...MMmmMMmmmmMmmmmm....

  9. Hooray for showers of salmon!

    The only good thing about TeeVee is that it is a great time for lap-snuggling.

  10. We don't watch any of the current TV shows, but we know how you feel--mama was sad when "The X-Files" went off the air. She wanted to sell her TV then, too.

  11. Showering salmon?? ::twitch::

    I'm going to need your advice Katie. My mom is going away for 3 whole days for "work" in a couple of weeks. I'm traumatized just thinking about it. How did you survive 3 whole weeks without your girl?

    Inquiring cats wanna know.

  12. All things must end! Boo! But we are so very glad that Glogirly is back because that means Katie is back in style too! Yay!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. Deep purrs for your loss of Chloe. There isn't enough snarkiness in the world. YOU may always show your face at my place Katie, YOU are always welcome.

    Mom swears she is mailing off a certain something...

    So exciting about the salmon showering!

  14. Our mom could never get into 24, so she didn't watch. But she was happy to hear Jack Bauer lives to see another day...maybe a movie in the making??

    We're glad Glogirly is home now too...you deserve more than just salmon for her being gone so long...just sayin'...

  15. Hi Katie!

    Welcome back to you and Glogirl!
    We hope all went well for your Glogirl...and it seems like she is making good amends to you with the salmon shower! Oh yeah!

    Lots of shows are ending -- for good.
    How about a Katie channel?


  16. Katie!
    Your Glogirly is home! How wonderful for the both of you, and of course for Gloman...he can finally relax from the intensive "salmom" training you were administering.
    Mommy is a "Survivor" addict (the shame!) and is always sad when a season ends.
    Mommy sends good wishes for your Girl on the new job.

  17. Aw that is too bad your moms almost favorite show ended. Our mom hates it when she loves a show and it ends. But she shouldn't go all crazy and get rid of the tv - because a better show could come along and she won't want to miss it!

    We are glad you and she are back - we hope she had a good time at training.

  18. We're glad yoo're back ~ we missed yoo! Now 24 has finished glo-girly can spend more time wiv yoo at the computer!

  19. We've missed you and YAY for you that GloGirly is back (with LOADS of Salmon!)

  20. Hi Katie!!!! My mom says she takes tv donations lol. But I know what you mean about feeling like losing your human to tv....it's getting nice so I've been leaving my Mom inside sometimes she comes out with me but when I leave her she turns on this netflix crap and watches....tv shows. She should be sitting in there pouting over my absence!

  21. Mmmm, salmon! I bet that ALMOST made it okay that your human was gone so long. We have a TV here, but nobody ever watches it - apparently it does not have reception, which is what's needed to see all those shows! The only thing ever on the TV here are my human's exercise DVDs and sometimes a catsitter video.

  22. that's a charming shot of you at the end there, Katie! verreh glad your mommeh is back with you.

  23. Welcome home! We missed you almost as much as Katie did.

    We know what you're saying about 24. First they canceled our neurotic Monk and then they cancelled Ugly Betty. We're afraid to even like something anymore cuz it will just plain disappear.

  24. So, so sorry about 24....we like 'Without a Trace' (I think that is how you call it in English...we watch it in French and it is called 'FBI Portes Disparue')...have you tried watching that? Mom just ordered more DVDs of it for Dad's birthday (shhhh! don't tell him, please!) and we are really excited for them to arrive in the post!

    We are REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU that your Mom is back! I bet you are totally loving the salmon AND the Mom-lovin'!! Sometimes it's almost worth it for moms to go away because when they come back they give you so much lovin' and treats!! Yay!!

    Don't sell your TV yet...surely there is something else to watch...what about the Pink Panther or Catwoman? haha!!

    Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  25. We still have the last episode of 24 to see here in the UK but then it's all over. FAZ

  26. So glogirly was away for job training. 3 weeks is a long time. Hope you are having a good summer so far.


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