Sunday, May 9, 2010

Salmon Training

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Phew! It's been a long week here in the townhouse without my blogging assistant... I mean my girl. Since she's been out at the Coldwater Creek home offices training for this new job of hers, I decided to do a little training of my own. It's just me and Gloman here and I'm pleased to report I have made considerable progress in his training.

Get this. I have Gloman trained to say "Salmon" whenever I jump up on the sofa next to him and purr. I also have him trained to get up off the sofa and go to the kitchen to give me "Salmon" every time, in response to my purr cure, he says "Salmon." I'm both surprised and pleased by his progress. He's a very quick study for a boy, a boy who likes dogs no less. In order to consistently reinforce this optimum behavior, I have made it a priority to promptly run to the kitchen whenever he says "Salmon" so that he may give me "Salmon."

Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer, says it's very important to reward desired behavior. And since I DESIRE "Salmon," I feel it's critical to reward Gloman each time I get him to SAY "Salmon" by running to the kitchen FOR "Salmon."

Just wait til Glogirly comes home and gets a load of this! She's going to be so impressed. I'm sure she'll want to reward me with more "Salmon."

Special note to Glogirly:
Despite what Gloman says,
1. He is NOT training me, rather I'm training him.
2. I am not furring up your pillow.
3. I really do miss you.

4. I'm a total princess ...but you already knew that.


  1. Katie you have done an excellent job of training Gloman. You have him right under your paw where you want him at all times. I know you miss Glogirly, but she'll be home soon. Meanwhile, you are lucky to have the quick-study Gloman.

  2. Katie, you are doing an excellent job training Gloman; it looks like you've got him wrapped around your cute little paw already!!...Kisses sweetie and Happy Mother's Day to Glogirly...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. I can tell it has been quite an effort, training Gloman. Do NOT let him take any credit! Make it quite clear that if it wasn't for your finely-honed skills, he probably wouldn't even know what salmon is.

  4. Well done Katie. This is a tremendous improvement on your prior (and dire) situation.

    You are lucky that Gloman learns so quickly.

    Don't let up though, not even for one second, you don't want Gloman's grades slipping!

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Seems to me like you have everything nder control.. Keep up the good work and your girl will be home before you know it.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Wow. Glogirly will be so happy when she comes home and finds a well trained Gloman. Isn't that every girls dream?
    Keep up the good work, Katie, and you will be showered in salmon.

  7. Oh, yes, you are totally a princess!

  8. oh sweet Katie!
    I think you are doing such a fabulous job there, well done!
    I know your girl has been busy there,we miss you, but you is important and you need to be proud of her, she is a great artist and very talented.All love to you and for her!
    Luna - We love LUna

  9. I do agree with you Katie, that you are the one training Gloman and not the other way around. It's important to let them think they're in charge, however.

    You are a very clever girl.

    We wish your mommy a Happy Mother's Day wherever she may be. I am a fan of Coldwater Creek and order from then online now and then. They have good stuff! But not as good as salmon, I have to admit.

  10. one week down 2 to go? Sheesh! I think Gloman will be FULLY trained by the time GG gets home don't you? I'll bet she misses you a LOT! How couldn't she?!

  11. Katie,
    Cats all over the world raise their tails in awe of you. Training Gloman is a feat of unparalleled difficulty, we're sure. We bet he is probably almost as stubborn as a Cat!
    Happy Mother's Day to Glogirly...only 14 days to go!

  12. Wow, he learned fast, for a male human! What are you you going to train him to do next?

  13. I am glad to see Gloman is a quick study! You might also try Clicker Training on him.

  14. Can we hire you to train our Dad??? You're an expert!!

    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Katie,

    You're our hero! We've tried and tried and TRIED to train our Mom, but she just not smart enough - either that, or she's like a cat & just doesn't WANT to be trained...

    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom! We hope she comes home to you & Gloman soon!

    Nico & JayJay :)

  16. HI Katie

    Happy Mother's Day to your Glogirl!

    *clappin paws*
    YOU are doing a wonderful job with your work on the Gloman! We are so proud of you.

    Now all you need get him to do is spell S-A-L-M-O-N!


  17. Princess or Queen of Minnesota, either one, you are the greatest. Good job with the human training.

  18. That is impressive indeed! We have to meow over and over and run to the kitchen...and then our human dull wittedly says "oh, do you want snacks?" Hopeless. We hope your human remains trainable!

  19. You have made amazing progress on Gloman in only one week. He must be a very quick learner. It takes me much longer to train my mom to do stuff.

  20. Katie, we knew you could train Gloman!! Good job!!

  21. Katie, you are a super-good human trainer. You should write a book!! We have been working on ours since FOOOOORRRREEEVVVVEEEERRRRR, but to no avail. How do you do it???? Please give us some tips!! You are a princess and you SHOULD furr up your Mom's is the normal thing to do when she leaves you! We're sending you lots of purrs and wishing you continued good luck with GloMan. Lautrec and Tiny

  22. You really got GloMan under your spell! KUDOS! Hoping you got LOTS of Salmon!!!

  23. Katie, we're happy to hear you have Gloman so well-trained already. We know you miss Glogirly bunches but she'll be back before you know the meantime, keep up with your training and you'll have Gloman right where you want him...heh heh heh

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  24. Excellent techniques! I'm gonna work on some new ways to train my mom, I think...

  25. training Gloman, what a nice surprise for your mommeh when she gets home! good for you!

  26. I must say, Katie, I'm very impressed with your human man's progress. Of course it's all due to your excellent training technique, no doubt. Just be careful that you don't overdo the "salmon" thing and he becomes a "one trick pony", so to speak. You want him to offer other treats, right?

  27. So in a way both both Glogirly AND Gloman are in training this week.

  28. Hmmmm, I will have to study this technique of yours carefully. I'm barely having any luck at all training my daddy to even remember that when there is tuna being eaten, the Girl-Cat gets the tuna juice. He just pours it down the sink! Can you imagine???!?! And salmon every day???!? Not a chance!

    ~Persephone, Disgruntled Queen of the Universe


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