Friday, November 6, 2009

Team Chili

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well I promised I'd show you how Gloman's chili turned out. Looks pretty cool, huh! Last week Glogirly and I prepared Gloman's chili for the big photo shoot. (If you missed my Chili blog, just click HERE.) Gloman's advertising agency is producing a really cool cookbook of all the employee's favorite recipes. What a coincidence that Gloman is also a really cool photographer. He even got a really cool lens made just for really cool food photography.

It's called a tilt-n-shift shift lens. Don't worry, he can also use the lens on me so it's not a total waste.

I offered to go with Glogirly and the chili to the agency for the big shoot, but Glogirly said they have a strict no-cat policy in the kitchen studio. So while she was gone I spent my time doing Pilates on the kitchen rug at home... and looking for leftover kidney beans and sirloin hunks.

Meet Team Chili. That's Gloman in the middle with Patrick the art director. Patrick has an unusual smile. He's special.

The nice girl in the back is Laura. She is a food stylist and does really crazy things to food to make it look delectable in photographs.

She has paintbrushes and tweezers and even a giant steamer. Did you know they have to iron the food sometimes to make it look juicy and moist? I sure hope Glogirly keeps the giant steamer away from MY food.

Gloman says they are working really hard in this photo. I think they are playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sixth Edition. Or maybe Farmville.

I asked Gloman about submitting my favorite dish for the recipe book, but I still haven't heard back. Fine. I'm not crazy about sharing my food anyway.


  1. That chili looks awesome! Or at least that's what mom says...we're not big chili fans ourselves. Gloman must be a good photographer because he even makes your food look like it belongs on the cover of Bon Appetit!!

  2. This is such an informative and entertaining post! We would like to apply for jobs as a food stylist, please!

  3. No cats in the kitchen!!!!!
    Well, maybe some of your stray hairs made it in to the chili anyway. It's unavoidable if one lives with cats!

  4. No cats in the KITCHEN STUDIO.
    Don't worry, I have full reign in the townhouse kitchen. I have a little trouble with the cupboard doors, but I just boss Glogirly around.

    : )

  5. Mmmm, chili! We are sure your humans eat a lot of chili up there in Minnesota, Katie. You have long cold Winters up there.

    My Mom has a great chicken chili recipe and she just might make some this weekend inspired by Gloman's chili photo.

    Purrs and love, Busby and Raymond

  6. Boy, that chili sure does look scrumptious!!! We think that photo shoot looked like lots of fun, 'specially if you get to eat!!! Not too sure about the aftermath (you KNOW what chili does to hoomans insides!) MOL. We don't blame you for not sharing you foods.

  7. Wow. Mama was just saying how great that top pic was before she knew that Gloman got a new lens. I do yoga from time to time, but I've never tried Pilates. You should do a lesson for us some time, Katie. Mama thinks the food stylist has a cool job.


  8. Well, I hope that they get mice in the kitchen. Yellow Kitty is in charge of everything in our house and especially the ordering of more food to eat. Her food varies a lot but her old teeth require her to have very soft food. Gloman's art director looks like he might be in need of some chili to eat. I hope you life can get back to normal now that this chili thing is over with for now.
    Take care.

  9. What a fabulous photo of the chili! It makes me want to dig right in. Gloman is a great photogrpaher!

  10. That is very cool! Love that big steamer! That could give my fur a nice fluff!!

  11. HI Katie
    Gloman picture of the chili made my Momma's mouth water. She said it looked delicious, but was any of it ironed?
    Me purrsonally, I like your food much better.
    Keep up the pilates it will always been you limber so you can run up and down those townhouse stairs.


  12. That looks great! The Crunchy Gingivitis food anyway. Mom thinks the chili looks good too.

  13. Hey, if you find any sirloin hunks, call me, OK?

    Max S.

  14. That photo of the chili has the mom here drooling. I thought only the doggies did that but she has proved me wrong. Looks like the photo shoot went A OK. Good job!

  15. Hmmm...there is such a thing as a food stylist? I think I missed my calling! I could paw at food all day...arranging it just so and nibbling at any extras that don't add artistic value.

    That chili is making us all hungry.

  16. I am not letting my mum see that lens because she might get ideas about buying one and torturing me even more.

  17. Daddycat once filmed some baked beans, and someone had to go torough them one by one, and remove any beans that were cracked or broken or discoloured or anything not quite right!

    We needed two cans to make a bowl of perfect beans!

  18. I'm looking into an exception on that "no cats in the kitchen studio" rule at the office so that Katie can stop by!!


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