Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My New England Cat Cousins

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I just found out I have two cat cousins in New England. I've never met them. I probably wouldn't like them much more than I like people.
I guess their names are Casey & Candy. I think Katie is a much better name. But no one asked me so it's too late now for Casey & Candy.



C & C are huge. They are Maine Coons. Casey is in the upper 20's and Candy in the lower 20's. Pounds, that is. Glogirly says they could eat me for lunch. All the more reason to avoid contact. I'll just stay home thank you.

Glogirly loves flying out to visit them and their humans. C & C live with her godparents. She thinks the world of them. She says they are as cute today as in their wedding photo...so in love after all these years. They still hold hands. Glogirly thinks that's sweet. I think it's strange.

Glogirly's godparents came out here to visit once. I got in huge trouble for hissing at them. They tried really hard to get me to like them. But the tall one scared me and the little one smelled like Maine Coon. They haven't been back.

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  1. Gorgeous kitties! Of course, I might be biased toward large orange cats! And I LOVE the photos of the piggy cupcakes and watermelon! Absolutely beautiful. Good job, Katie!


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