Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Great Waffles Wagon Hijack

WAFFLES:  Do you ever get that feeling that someone's watching you?

ELLIE:  I can't even see you, Mr. Waffles. How can I be watching you?


WAFFLES:  I can see YOU, Ellie. And I know you're watching me. I wouldn't be surprised if you try and hijack my Waffle Wagon.

ELLIE:  Hijack?

ELLIE:  What's a hijack? I like sitting up here really high and stuff. But my name's not Jack. It's Ellie.

WAFFLES:  Hijack is you trying to steal my Waffle Wagon. I've got your number, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  What's my number, Mr. Waffles? I kind of like four. Or maybe two. Yeah, two. Like you and–

WAFFLES:  Not that kind of number, Ellie. 

About Today's Photos

Ellie and Waffles LOVE the Waffle Wagon. It's like a rolling playground. Ellie especially loves it when Waffles is IN it. She spends HOURS in and on it every single day. Sometimes she'll just sit in it, waiting for Waffles to join her. Other times, when Waffles is already inside, she'll attempt to negotiate a joint partnership.

Her favorite spot is up on top of the bonnet. It's anything but stable and takes a lot of balance and kitty-agility. And the best part about it is the mesh screen that she can peer at Waffles through and the opening on the sides where she can reach down to tease him and as Gloman calls it, "tweaking his beak." HAHA!

The tray table and cup holder attached to the handle is pretty fun too. That's where Ellie keeps her plastic bottle caps, a.k.a., her other favorite toys.

Ellie's Patches

You may have noticed Ellie is adorning some photoshop flower patches. She's still healing from the reaction she had to the drugs used during her dental extractions back in April. The reaction presented itself dermatologically, and we've been treating her wounds (we call them patches) ever since. She has two somewhat large patches on each side of her body. Her hair is shaved in those areas so we can easily apply her salve to promote healing. She's still taking daily pain meds as well. Skin takes a long time to heal, so it will probably still be a couple of months or more until she's completely healed. 


  1. It's great to see the Waffle wagon-turned-playground in action! Feel better soon, Ellie!

  2. Waffle Wagon...hahaha!
    We all hope your patches get better soon, Ellie.

  3. Clearly her healing hasn't slowed her down, has it!

  4. Love this. Always love to see the waffle wagon.

  5. Glad you explained the "patch" effects and we send purrayers and Power of t he Paw for Ellie to finish healing quickly.

  6. Poor Ellie, I hope she heals quickly. Very cute photos.

  7. Pawsome photos your both so adorable. Glad Ellie is healing.xx

  8. Glad that Ellie's 'patches' are healing...those flowery ones are pretty good 'bandages', MOL!

    Waffles seems a wee bit disgruntled by his tormentor!

    Sweet pics and a great post!


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