Sunday, February 13, 2022

Ellie's Special Valentines Paper


ELLIE:  Thanks for my Valentines paper, Mr. Waffles! 

WAFFLES:  Valentines PAPER???

ELLIE:  Didn't you get me all this paper for Valentines Day? Paper is my FAVORITE toy ever. Like ever EVER. I thought you knew.

WAFFLES:  But it's not even pink. 

ELLIE:  Yeah, but it's PAPER. 

WAFFLES:  And there aren't any hearts or anything. 

ELLIE:  Valentines doesn't have to be about pink hearts and stuff, Mr. Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  I know, Ellie. It's about being with someone you love, right? 

ELLIE:  You mean like paper?!

WAFFLES:  No. Like ME, right? 

ELLIE:  I was kind of thinking it was about–

ELLIE:  PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a chilly and snowy up here in the mountains, so we built a fire to snuggle next to. Gloman's favorite kindling is the left over packing paper from all the stuff Glogirly buys online. If it weren't for her shopping habit, we'd never be able to start our fires!

Ellie goes absolutely CRAZY for the packing paper. As long as Glogirly keeps shopping, Ellie will never need another cat toy! LOL!


  1. PAPER is the best, post-nip!

  2. 3 out of 4 kitties in our house Love paper....but there was complaints about '"Trash" in the front room. So the HuMom broke our the left over wrapping paper. Now the front room looks like a party!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

  4. Oooooooooooooooooooo!
    That paper looks like FUN!!!!
    Pawsome :)
    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you too!!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. *breaks out the packing list...

    Freeze Dried Salmon
    Catnip scented paper

  6. Even better...if she shops for cat toys! And then there's lots of paper! Happy Valentine's Day Ellie and Waffles!

  7. We hope Glogirly's habit includes buying cool cat stuff too! Happy Valentina's Day, as we like to say here in the Warehouse Apartment! And we *totally* agree, Ellie--paper is the best present!!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, and hugs and purrs!
    If anything crinkles, the cats will snap out of a sound sleep to investigate!

  9. What a sweet gift Waffles! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. My cats love my shopping too! Paper!!!! Ellie has stunning green eyes❤ Looks like Waffles likes paper too! Happy Valentine's day loves! ❤

  11. Love paper! You're absolutely right that it's the best toy ever. It makes such wonderful crinkly sounds and slides great on the hard floor.

  12. Paper and boxes are all the toys you will ever need. :)


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