Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Super Secret Magic Look

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles? Is this the super secret magic look? 

WAFFLES:  Super secret magic what???

ELLIE:  You know, the super secret magic look that gets you anything you want?

WAFFLES:  Oh....that look. Why didn't you say so?

ELLIE:  Uh, I kind of did. 

WAFFLES:  It's usually best to flip your head upside down. That always works for me. 

ELLIE:  Like this, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  Well that's kind of more sideways. But I suppose you can try it. 

About Today's Photos

Gloman took today's photos of Ellie. It's become pretty clear that she's got "the look" down. Little Ellie, or Ellie Bean as Gloman calls her, has woven her way into his heart. She's a total CatDaddy girl. 

And this CatDaddy girl has her Gloman wrapped tightly around her tiny paw. 


  1. Ahhh, you got me, too!! LOL! What a sweetie, I can just feel thew wheels turning as she thinks, now what its it I need to purr-suade Gloman to do?? Hah!

  2. Ellie definitely has the look! She learned fast. Well, most kitties do. ;-)

  3. That is definitely the irresistible look. Ellie.

  4. Adorables, both of them. And beautiful photographs!

  5. They are both just perfect and yes, Ellie has the look. Waffles does too but Gloman captured THE look from Ellie. And that smile in the second goodness!

  6. yep she has that look of adoration on her beautiful face!

  7. You both know how to work the humans!

  8. You have THE look, Ellie, no doubt, it's purrfect ! Purrs

  9. Don't listen to him, Ellie. I think you have it. You're even smiling.

  10. You both have that super secret look down pat, Waffles and Ellie!

  11. Keep up those looks and keep the humans wrapped up in your paws.

  12. Well no wonder Ellie has Gloman wrapped tightly around her tiny paw. She's got the look! And Waffles you got the look a long time ago that gets Glogirly and your internet girlfriends all flustered and giggly!

  13. Waffles you are a really great teacher on displaying the super secret magic look. You two will be getting all you want now. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your day.
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