Sunday, December 27, 2020

Ellie & Waffles in Black & White

ELLIE:  Whoa! Mr. Waffles!!! Where did your orange furs go?

WAFFLES:  It's called black & white photography, Ellie. Didn't you see Gloman sneaking around with his black & white camera while we were doing the holiday decorating? 

ELLIE:  Decorating? You mean with all the tissue paper stuff? I love tissue paper stuff. 

WAFFLES:  And boxes of ornaments. You're not allowed in the ornament boxes though. Only adult cats are allowed ornament access.

ELLIE:  What if the ornaments are on the tree thingy? Can I–

WAFFLES:  No tree access, no ornament access, Ellie.

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, why have a tree and ornaments and stuff if we can't play with them?

WAFFLES:  Good question, Ellie. According to Glogirly, it's one of those because I said so things.

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles, I'm glad you're here to explain stuff. 

ELLIE:  Even if it doesn't make any sense. 

About Today's Photos
Even though Christmas is SO last week, we thought you might like seeing a little bit of Glogirly's decorating. And if you're curious about Gloman and his black & white photos, it's true...he really does have a camera that shoots only black and white. It's called a monochrome. Don't worry, Waffles still has all of his handsome orange furs. 

Happy Early New Year!
The next time we see you it's going to be NEXT YEAR!!! We don't have any big plans here other than to stay up until midnight for our big countdown. Glogirly and Gloman will probably go out on the deck and yell Happy New Year to the starry sky. And there will likely be some champagne involved. 

It's also possible that Waffles will be donning his famous coat and tails. ...that is, if he can still fit in it! LOL!

WAFFLES:  Whaddya mean, IF I can fit in it???


  1. Such beautiful pictures!! It looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas all together and with Ellie being her first it must have been so special!! I can't wait to spend another year with all of you! Aaawww, Waffles and Ellie cuddles!! A beautiful star on the New Year starry night will be Katie looking down on you ❤

  2. I loved the black and white photos, and so did my human. See you next year!

  3. Pawsome pictures!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, our humans do have rules.
    Lucky for us they are not too many ;) MOL!

    Purrs, Julie

  4. Beautiful photos. We all take colour for granted but there is something special about monochrome photography. I love Ellie and Waffles cuddling, but my favourite is Glogirly reflected in the mirror. It brings feelings of nostalgia.
    I had to laugh. I don't use autocorrect but because my blue tooth keyboard is playing up adding random letters I have turned it on. It tried to change nostalgia to neuralgia!

  5. That last picture is just amazing. That man is truly talented.

  6. I love your coat and tails Waffles. I remember that coat and tails very well and how distinguished you are! Seeing Ellie with her arms around you is a treat as well.

  7. That's so sweet, seeing them hanging out together. Aw.....

  8. OMG those photos of Ellie and Waffles together are so heartwarming!! Just precious! Deb, you look great and I love the decorations and the idea of B&W! Happy, Healthy, early New Year! May it be a MUCH kinder year to all of us! xoxo

  9. Just beautiful. Love b&w photos. Happy New Year.

  10. Gorgeous images!
    Waffles, you've been hitting the treat bag a bit, huh? *wink*

  11. Waffles is handsome even in black and white!

  12. What a beautiful black and white extravaganza! I just love Ellie's beautiful eyes and Waffles is such a love, especially in his coat and tails.

  13. We really enjoyed those B&W photos and how June listens to Waffles. Those tails a bit tight Waffles?

  14. Beautiful decorations even in black and white! Happy New Year!!

  15. Ellie is such a cutie, in color or B&W. Happy early New Year!

  16. There's an unmistakable beauty to B&W. Can't really put my finger on it, but there's a fantastic quality to it color can't touch. Everyone looks fabulous and purrfect as always.

  17. We love your black and white pictures, Waffles and Ellie. Happy New Year!

  18. Beautiful pictures ! We love your answers, Waffles ! Purrs


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