Monday, January 20, 2020

Got Gas?

WAFFLES:  Hey, Boss! Who's that outside? He doesn't look like any of our furry neighbors.

KATIE:  That's just Roy the Gas Man.

WAFFLES:  LOL!!!!! You said GAS man! 

KATIE:  Gas, as in the stuff that keeps our house warm, Waffles. Not that kind of gas. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but it looks like his truck has to, you know...go. 

KATIE:  Yeah well, you weren't laughing 3 years ago when we moved in and found out we had NO gas. 

From City Cat Girl to Mountain Cat Mama
Can you believe it's been almost three years since Katie and Waffles became Colorado mountain cats?! It was a fast and steep learning curve for Glogirly too!

One of the first things she learned was how to build a fire, that is when she discovered the person we bought the house from has left just a scant amount of propane in our tank. And in no time, the scant amount was gone.

All our lives, we've lived in homes with furnaces. Where you just turn the thermostat up or down, pay the natural gas bill once a month, and go on about your business. But our mountain house has NO FURNACE.

WAFFLES:  Wait, WHAT?????!

In fact, we don't even have vents. We have something called radiant floor heating throughout the house. We have a boiler that heats up water running through a network of tubes that run underneath the floor. The boiler is powered by propane gas, which comes to our house from a giant tank buried in the ground outside by our driveway. Yup, the driveway that has claimed more vehicles and tow trucks than we can count.

And three years ago, when we ran out of propane, the driveway was glare ice. Roy and Glogirly became fast friends when he chained up his big truck and made it down the hill to rescue us.

Turns out Roy is a cat man. Every time he comes to fill up our tank he asks about Katie and Waffles. We love Roy.


  1. How cool that Roy is a cat guy! My human has a hard time wrapping her city head around propane tanks. Her ex has one at his place in Tennessee.

  2. We have an above ground propane tank as backup. We wish ours was in the ground. It is ugly.
    Stay warm, furriends!

  3. I have never had a house with a boiler but my stepson is a plumber near Boston and he specializes in boilers.

  4. Mom had oil heat in the house where she grew up. Some folks here have propane tanks for cooking or fireplaces since there are no natural gas lines here. Everything in our house is electric.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Well then, I love Roy too, 'cause he's taking care of my, um...and Glogirly and Katie too...*giggle*

  6. Our parents had wood heat and a propane tank many years ago, but have since switched to natural gas.

  7. Moving to New England I had to adjust to propane and oil fuel. Have lived all over the country and never dealt with either. Quite a learning curve!

  8. That sounds like a very cold icy fact to learn, glad you're all filled up and ready to stay snuggly warm. I've always wondered about how radiant floors are to live on, it sounds like they work well. Stay warm you cute kitties.

  9. Roy stopping by to make sure you are all warm during these winter days. We love that Roy is also a cat guy. Thanks for sharing. We hope you have plenty of gas now to keep you nice and warm. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. We went from an oil tank IN the house to natural gas ; it's so easier ! Purrs

  11. I think those propane tanks are illegal here. Before they put up that eyesore next door they had to dig one out of the ground. Does Waffles have gas? MOL!

  12. guyz....noe matter how hard we force R mindz eye ta see a noe fernizz houz.....itz knot werkin ~~~~~ we hope de tank holdz like 428,922 bazillion gallonz oh gas sew ya due knot run out again ~~~~ ☺☺

  13. Also septic systems, wells and pumps. Mum skipped buying a house like that for one on municipal water and sewer. Natural gas that comes in by the pipe under the ground.

  14. If ever you need some extra gas, gimme a shout! Our new house had no boiler (furnace) when we bought it. The humans got one installed because sister kitty did not want to rely on my or my bros gas.


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