Monday, April 29, 2019

The Sun Before the Storm

WAFFLES:  Are you using that sun puddle, Boss?

KATIE:  Does it look like I'm using this sun puddle, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Wanna trade places?

KATIE:  And leave my sun puddle? 

WAFFLES:  My sun puddle is just in the shade. 

KATIE:  Exactly.

WAFFLES:  So, does that mean yes? ........Boss?

KATIE:  Zzzzzz...

WAFFLES:  Ok, so how about we share this sun puddle?

KATIE:  Purr-sonal space, Waffles. You're getting awfully close. Hey, look! There's a new sun puddle over there in the kitchen. You better grab it while you can.  

WAFFLES:  Wait! Where's he going?

KATIE:  It's Colorado, Waffles. One minute we've got sun puddles and the next we've got a blizzard.

Katie is right. One minute we're wearing sandals and the next we're looking for our snow boots. This weekend we were enjoying beautiful skies, warm sunshine, and mornings where we woke up above the clouds. We even had our first hummingbird visitors!

Fast forward to tomorrow (Monday) - We've got a winter storm warning between 6:00am Monday-6:00am Tuesday with a chance of 8-16" of spring snow. In other words, we might get a dusting or we might be digging out of 2'. Your guess is as good as our meteorologist's.

In the meantime, we're soaking up as much sun as we can!


  1. We're supposed to have at least a week of rain, so we had to get our sun today too!

  2. I hope a light dusting is in your future.

  3. geez - mother nature really can't make up her mind this year can she?

  4. We were threatened by a snowstorm, but the weatherguessers guessed wrongly! Yesterday had bright sunshine, but today it's cold and rainy. But flowers are blooming, and the trees are ready to leaf out, so we are on our way!

  5. We have the same here in PA lately. Sun and None MOL

  6. Snow yuck! Soak up them rays while you can!

  7. Yikes! We don't know if we could handle that.

  8. After all of the rain predictions we've had lately, we finally got 1 1/2" of rain last night. We don't think the weathermen have any clue, either.

  9. Wow, you never know when your sun puddle is going to be preempted over there!

  10. Yeah, we have had 3 of 4 seasons in the last week. Lots of sun, snow, now rainy for a few days.

  11. Weather in the mountains is so changeable ! Purrs


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