Friday, November 2, 2018

Between the Sheets

WAFFLES:  OMG, Boss! My ears! I can't find my EARS!

WAFFLES:  Have you seen them? BOSS?

WAFFLES:  I better check Lost and Found.

KATIE:  Seriously, Waffles. Have you checked the top of your head?

WAFFLES:  Duh, I can't see the top of my head, Boss.

WAFFLES:  Boss! Now YOUR ears are gone! 

KATIE:  My ears are just fine, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Are you sure they're fine, Boss?

KATIE:  Yes. What's not fine though, is all that's separating you from me right now is a thin layer of fine Egyptian cotton. 

Bed Making Day
There's nothing quite like the call of freshly washed, toasty out-of-the-dryer SHEETS. Even Katie can't help herself, despite landing in very close proximity to her orange nemesis.

Glogirly has learned to keep her camera within easy reach on Bed Making Day. She can't risk missing all the drama. OR all the posing.

WAFFLES:  Posing? Who's posing?


  1. Oh Waffs! That last pose is centerfold worthy!

  2. We aren't interested in the bed, except when we want to sleep. My human is not sure we are real cats.

  3. hahaha - mom says this is the reason she makes the bed behind closed doors. :)

  4. Oh my gosh Miss Pops loves the sheets being changed too, and sleeping on the mattress topper. I air the bed out on Saturdays and let her roll around all day on it.

  5. Yep, bed making is a very big deal here too. Waffles, we're so glad you got your ears back.

  6. No kitties around here are interested in the bedmaking! Angel will sit in the basket of clean linens, however. Waffles, you'd love hanging out with Da Boyz; the three of you would romp like crazy!

  7. I love this series of pictures! Life is never dull with cats as roommates.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red (who is channeling Waffles!)

  8. Love seeing Katie and Waffles.It's always an adventure when making the bed with cats.

  9. That looks like fun. My kitties don't help me with bed making.
    Sue B

  10. Sheet changing day is so much fun! We love it! Waffles, hope you hold on to your ears!

  11. Ah boys! Right Katie? They are so silly! Lol!

  12. Waffles, you are too funny. Sometimes you just got to hold on to your ears. You got to check lost and found had us lol. Sheet changing day is always fun when it's a little cold outside and the sheets are warm from the dryer. We think you love sheet changing day. Thanks for the sahre. Have a wonderful weekend and watch out for your ears.
    World of Animals

  13. Helping to change the bedsheets is so much fun ! Purrs


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