Monday, November 12, 2018

Chicken Snowflakes

WAFFLES:  Look, Boss! I'm catching snowflakes on my tongue! 

KATIE:  Do they taste like chicken?

WAFFLES:  Chicken??? Do YOURS taste like chicken? 

KATIE:  No, they taste like snowflakes.

WAFFLES:  Chicken snowflakes?

KATIE:  There's no such thing as chicken snowflakes, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  EEEEEK!!! These chicken snowflakes are COLD!

KATIE:  The only chicken around here is Waffles. 

Sunday Snow Day
It snowed like crazy all day Sunday. This photo was taken early in the afternoon when we had about 6". By nightfall, our official yardstick read almost 10".

Most of the day was spent cozying up to the fire. But for a few minutes, Glogirly opened up the doors to our deck to give Katie and Waffles a whiff of the fresh snow.

Katie is a gamer. She's fascinated by the snow. She'll touch it and let it blow in on her. She's even stepped in it a number of times. Though you'd think Waffles would be all brave and curious, he's the polar (pun intended) opposite of Katie. We call him the snow chicken. One little paw touch and he hops the other way. He only lasted a few seconds by the open doors. Fortunately, it was just enough time for Glogirly to snap off a few photos.

Mr. Sun should be visiting us soon, so it won't be long before the snow you see today is gone tomorrow.


  1. My human's boyfriend flight home stopped in Denver on your snow day! The plane he had to switch to needed de-icing.

  2. Wow, so beautiful! We have polar opposites here too.

  3. I could go for some chicken snowflakes!

  4. I just love the photo of Waffles with the paw up, not sure if he should touch the snow!

  5. Ichiro was funny in Duvall. Sometimes when it would snow and we'd open the door, he'd go running out onto the patio, like he didn't realize it wasn't nice. He'd get halfway across the patio and turn around and run in, like it took him just that long to realize it was icky out. Chey and I were much smarter about touching and coming back in...

  6. mom has opened the doors here a couple of times when we have had snow. our angel Tim actually walked out - and then danced around trying to get back inside

  7. Hopefully, The Hubby is getting all of the fallen leaves up off the lawn today, so tonight's snow will land on grass. Am not looking forward to Winter, but one cannot fight Mother Nature.

  8. Chicken snowflakes? Are you boxing and shipping them? They could become really popular - seasonally, of course.

    Brrrr. That does look cold.

  9. Some of us lived on the street for awhile, so we know what it's like to have to find shelter from the snow. We are happy not to have to deal with THAT any longer, but we do love to watch it fall from the sky through the windows of our secure (and toasty) warehouse apartment. If the snow tasted like chicken, we might have to try a sample! Enjoy!

  10. OMC! We don't want that white stuff around here.

  11. Zorro doesn't care at all about snow : he'll go and stay outside. Pixie is the snow chicken here. That white stuff is really pretty on the mountains, but Claire and Pixie think they don't need it here, MOL ! Purrs

  12. Wow, you sure did plenty of snow already. These chicken snowflakes are cold have us laughing here. Glad Katie was enjoying the snow and at least Waffles gave it a few seconds and they were out of there. Thanks for sharing the lovely snowfall photos. Have a wonderful day.
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