Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi everyone, Katie here.

What's the perfect accompaniment to a winter storm warning? ...besides naps and kibble that is. Why, Netflixing of course. I'm all over the big Red Box thingy. That requires Glogirly to hoof it all the way to the grocery store. Ok, all the way to the grocery store is only a couple of blocks. But in the middle of a winter storm, her time is best spent with me, attending to my needs.

Glogirly and I have a cute new MacBook Air which means we can enjoy movie viewing anywhere in the townhouse. Have wireless will travel, baby! My perch on the sofa, my easy chair by the fire, or my preferred viewing position...bed.

Back to Netflixing. I'm rather tired of the whole action adventure genre. And there is never enough prey in chick flicks for my taste. I saw my old friends Wallace & Gromit the other night. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for A Matter Of Loaf And Death. I know, I don't have thumbs. Whatever.

Sure wish Gromit would make friends with a CAT though.

I'm over the poodle thing too.

It's all good though. Time spent Netflixing with Glogirly, is time spent with Glogirly.


  1. Now thats a plan..and a good one!
    Benny & Lily

  2. I am bummed to see that Netflix does not have my favorite movie, "The Three Lives of Thomasina" in instant play.

  3. We've heard Netflix is cool! We'll have to try it sometime. Have fun watching movies!

  4. We have never heard of Netflix but we do like Wallace and Gromit.

  5. M says we mut be behind the times cuz we has never heard of Netflix, but we do like to cuddle together to watch movies.

  6. Oh we LOVE Wallace and Gromit! Our favorite time is movie time. Last weekend we watched Secretariat. That was a good one, too!

  7. We love Netflix. Mom can watch with us whenever she wants through her Wii. After all, she certainly doesn't use it for exercising!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Netflixin' in bed is the best! Can you believe I haven't seen Wallace and Gromit yet!? *adds it to queue*

  9. Hello, how are you Katie and Glogirly
    Have a good week end with Netflix, very good stuf !
    Mounette and Oiseaubird


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