Saturday, February 26, 2011

Date Night

Hi everyone, Katie here.

My captors are having a date night. I know the drill. I'll get the old "Bye-Bye Kitty...Love You...See You Later." The garage door will groan shut and I'll be left with a half empty bowl of dry kibble and my lonely toy laying lifeless on the floor.

Meanwhile, Glogirly and Gloman will be enjoying a lavish dinner at their favorite date place, The Capital Grille. I'm sure I won't even come up in conversation. Unless of course one asks the other, "Did you clean Katie's box?" Followed by a, "No. Did you?" And last, another "No."

A similar exchange involving my FOOD could likely take place as well.

Whatever. I'll be fine.

If they REALLY loved me, they'd bring me along.

My wardrobe is more than appropriate for fine dining.

I have excellent table manners.

I guess tonight's just all about THEM.

I know, I already said that.


  1. Maybe they will bring you back a kittybag full of delicious food.

  2. Oooh, that restaurant looks very cozy and awesome!

  3. It isn't really fair, is it? You are just as much a member of the family as they are. Do something mischievous while they are gone.

  4. Wow ! Really nice Restaurant, they should take you with them. I'm pretty sure they have some fabulous menu for you : )

  5. We hope they bring you home a kittybag.

  6. We hope they bring you a nommy kitty bag.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. We hope Glogirly and Gloman order salmon and bring home a kitty bag for you. I have excellent table manners too, but my mom won't let me forget the time I licked between all of my toes while sitting on the chair next to her at the dining room table.

  8. Hmph. They had better bring you home a kitty bag!

  9. You and me need to go to that 'Red Lobster' place, and not bring home anything for THEM.

  10. Sit in his chair before he comes back....they're missing you, don't worry
    Benny & Lily

  11. Yes, black & white is always appropriate for any occasion. But, the big question is...did you get any food?!

    Max S.

  12. I hope they brought you home some goodies.



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