Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She Voted

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I did my civic duty today. I made sure that Glogirly voted. I know she did a really good job too. She is very artistic and can draw inside the little ovals perfectly.

You have to fill in the ovals correctly AND fill in the CORRECT oval.

I would have liked to have voted myself. This is MY townhouse after all. I make sure that Glogirly and Gloman pay their taxes. We recycle. But apparently I'm too short to stand up to the polling booths and reach the plastic table.

Too short for roller coasters and polling booths.

I'm also not old enough (in people years), I'm not so good with the whole coloring inside the ovals thing, and ... oh ... I'm a CAT.

How fair is THAT!


  1. Not fair at all...I thinks they should make an exception for you...I mean looks how talented you are. Just sayin'

  2. Katie, we vote that you should be able to vote! Someone could get you a step stool or saw the legs offa the voting thingy. Really, it wouldn't be hard.

  3. Totally unfair. I do like Katnip Lounge's idea. That would work pretty good for getting up on counters, etc.

  4. It is totally not fair we cats cannot vote! No wonder there are still kill shelters and homes that have no cats in them. Oh well, I'm glad that GloGirly voted - the humans here voted also!

  5. Incredibly unfair! Kittehs should vote too!

  6. That's really unfair, but would any cat vote for a human?

  7. Apparently we need cats to run these elections so there aren't all these recounts!
    Glad to see you again Katie and Glogirly! Hope the townhouse renovations are over with now and the pounding and mess is gone!

  8. We agree with the Katnip Lounge. The voting people at our voting place are nice. They'd get you a little stool.


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