Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dis Temper Of Mine

Hi everyone, Katie here.

You are probably wondering why I've been incommunicado for the past few days. Laying low. Well if you stopped by my Facebook Fan Page, you may have gotten wind of the latest. It's not good.

Not good at all.

You see, last week Glogirly brought me to the V-E-T. That's right, the V-E-T. And not just any V-E-T. This V-E-T in apparently went to the same School of V-E-T that Fin's V-E-T went to. The Crackpot School of V-E-T.

Had I known what was in store, I would have put up a much stronger fight when Glogirly forced me into my plaid carrier. I don't care how cute and fashionable it is. I don't care that it matches her pretty red car or my pretty red chair. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing I tell you. Nothing more than a V-E-T transport system.

She even had the audacity to put Green Frog in with me. Now he stinks of V-E-T and I can't touch him.

So I had two gigantic shots. One was for rabies. So much for my theory that rabies is a dog's disease. And the second was for my temper. NEWS FLASH: A shot is NOT going to help dis temper of mine.

After the two horrific needle incidents the Crackpot V-E-T began using a word no cat wants to hear. DIET. No, not diet as in, "Hey! Let's Eat!!" We're talking diet as in "Food Deprivation." "Weight Loss." "EXERCISE." Apparently my svelte 9 pounds has turned into a tubby 10-plus. If I don't lose the weight, then we're talking low carb. LOW CARB? I bet you any amount of nip that my tasty gingivitis food is anything but low carb.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, the Crackpot V-E-T had the nerve to compliment me on my teeth. I've been doing such a good job crunching on my high fat, high calorie gingivitis food that I no longer have gingivitis. Well that's a fine how-do-you-do.

I can't win.


  1. We have to go to the vet for our yearly checkup/shots this month too, Katie, so we feel your pain...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Oh poor Katie! But yeah, we gotta do that too. jane gets scaird and pees her pants and then tries to bite the V-E-T.
    Me? I just bear with it and then ask for extra cuddles for days. A little fake limp helps too. I'm the sweet one. *wink*


  3. Oh Katie, you poor, poor thing. No cat ever wants to hear the D word!!!

    Btw, what was your gingivitis food? Maizy and Ferris are only 3 and they have gingivitis. Wonder if it could help them?

  4. You are right, that vet was definitely a crackpot. Those shots pinch real bad! You deserve many, many extra treats for enduring all of that.

  5. That is so awful Katie, maybe we all need to mail you some of the really good food. Oh yea, ouch on those fun at all!

  6. Oh no! A crackpot VET. That's all yoo need.
    And yoor mom shud be ashamed of getting Green Frog all stinky from taking him to the vet clinic. Wot kind of parenting is that? :Tsk:

  7. If it's not one thing, it's another Katie! Those VETS are never satisfied!
    your pal,

  8. You do travel in style, too bad it was to such an airhead vet. Hasn't he seen you perform in the Olympics? How can a fine sportscat like yourself be needing a diet? He probably is so fat himself, a little bit of his belly was on the scales too.

  9. Katie glad you made it home from the vet. That is horrible. We hate the vet and we don't have a fancy transport like you do. That looks very plush. We would like to know also what the gingivitis food is too. There are 7 of us that have it here. We drink special water but some special food would be good. Have a great day. Your staff sure does terrific pictures.

  10. Oh Katie - you poor kitty. You no need diet - v.e.t. needs his head examined!!

  11. Our human has done a lot of reading on vaccinations and vaccine related sarcomas and won't get us done anymore, which is fine by us! But she still hauls us in for check ups and some of us (Annie and Nicki) have had hyper-t plus dental surgery, so have been at the dreaded v-e-t a lot this past six months!

    We're glad you're home now and that it's over and done with. We hope you got something good to eat, or some 'nip, to make up for it.

    P.S. Your vet should know you're an obligate carnivore, not a grain-eater. Sheesh! No wonder you er, gained a bit of weight!

  12. Ohhhh, poor Katie! What a horrible crackpot vet experience. We hope Glogirly ignored that silly diet thing (you look mahvelous, dahling!) and gave you lots of treats when you got home to make up for the terrible trauma you went through with those shots.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  13. V-e-t's and their crackpot ways. They should know better than to tell you that you are anything but purrfect. Doesn't your v-e-t read your blog? Doesn't he know how cool you are?

  14. Oh No - not the evil "D" word!! That V-E-T must be a real crackpot!! You look purrfect to us!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. HI Katie!

    That is indeed a very cute PTU Glogirl uses to take you to the Vet! Katie you are always so fashionable!! but ouchie you had to have sharp needles put into you. NO FAIR! And what a d-i-e-t? No way, I can look at your pictures and dear Katie you are in purrfect shape. Especially after all those CAT-O-LYMPICS! You are in world class form, did your Vet not know this? Ummmmmm.....

    purry purrs

  16. ohhh sweetie, what a traumatic day!
    I can not understand about diet, you are so slim and beautiful!!!!
    And Katie...what was that HUGE, massive syringe or injection??Girl, congrats, you are really brave!
    I'm here so scared I think I will need some peaceful nap to be calm again! :)
    I hope everything be okay today!
    I'm sending you great and lovely energies!

  17. Yuck! Sorry you had to go to the vet, Katie. Now, let us get this straight ... you had to get jabs AND you have to go on a diet?! That's just not fair. Crackpot, indeed!

  18. Thank so much for the info on the food! Sounds like it's helping you! We're not due back to the vet til August, so we'll ask the vet about it then. In the meantime the mom and dad are putting some dental gel on our teeth and rinse in our water bowl to help.

  19. you poor girl. I know how it is. My mom has to sneak up on me though to get me into my carrier and my carrier is an ugly ol' thing. Now that I have seen what a pretty carrier IS..I will tell her to buy me one. Now, I still won't get into it because I hate going to the V-e-t. They always stick me in the leg and take blood. Ewwww.
    I know how you felt. But you will feel better and be better. That's what my mom tells me.

  20. We're lucky, we don't get shots. We had our kitten shots and our required shots but that's it. Since we live indoors, we don't worry about rabies and stuff like that.

    A DIET? No way. We think you look purrfect.

  21. Oh, no! I hate that "diet" word, too.

    But your plaid carrier IS very cute! Please don't give my mom any ideas...

  22. We are having an exam next month, so we can certainly sympathize! But we do want you around for a longtime, so maybe a diet isn't so bad!

  23. Thanks for letting us know about the food for gingivitis. I imagine it is very expensive especially since I have so many but I might have to give to one of them. Did it help Katie??Thanks again for coming by our blog.

  24. Well that's a fine how do you do! I hope next V-E-T visit (and there will be one), you don't have the big "G" again. How about a mix? That's what we do.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  25. You are so not fat Katie...that guy really is a crackpot and if there was a worse name..i would use it. I hear 12 is the cat avg weight...recently with my lack of activity i lost a little weight (1lb) and i was down to 9 instead of 10 and i looked skinny and I'm a small cat! Now I'm back to my usual weight but i think im edging on 11 but still looking more active now..the sun is coming out!

  26. Thanks so much for getting back to us. I think I will give it a try. I have one cat Mewmew who is very special to me, so I might try it on her. I am writing a post about her right now and I put a little linky love in there for you. If it will help Mewmew, I can use my quarters to buy the food. LOL .Thanks again.

  27. Diet?! My roommate Binga weighs almost 12 lbs. and the vet didn't say anything about putting HER on a diet! What kind of food is this gingivitis stuff, BTW? My other roommate Boodie has gingivitis and I'm wondering if she should be eating it.

    P.S. I don't think Binga's ever had one of those temper shots, because she has the worst temper ever!

  28. Hey everyone!
    Thanks for all the support and comments. I know I don't look tubby... that's because I'm so photogenic and know just how to pose. My frame is pretty small so that's why I've got to drop a couple.

    Lots of you have asked about my gingivitis food. I added in a link on my blog with all the details. Just go to sidebar at the top and click!


  29. Wow Katie, you look perfect to us - and 10 pounds doesn't sound too big at all! Of course, I guess it depends on the cat. But in our house you would be the smallest cat there!

  30. Oh, I hope Mama doesn't find out about that temper shot. I've been to known to be crabby at times, and she may want to treat dis temper of mine too.

    I'm so sorry you had to go to the vet. I think they're all crackpots in my experience.

    Katie, is it possible that t/d is a little more fattening than regular food? I was wondering if you could have that at night and other food during the day. Just a thought. I cringe hearing you have to go on a diet. I love that picture of you peeking around from bag. Actually, all your pics are great!


  31. Oh no! That D word is the scariest thing any cat could hear. Mum has said the D word to me too because I have special crunchies for my sensitive tummy, but it makes me put on more weight.

  32. Katie, that is so awful! Leia had to go on Saturday for the very same thing... she felt terrible for a day or so after. That was just MEAN of your hoomins to do that to you. Srsly.

  33. Oh no I am on your side in this.. The indignity, shots and a diet too.. Sheesh thats a bummer.. Take care... Hugs GJ xx

  34. I don't get a temper shot Katie. I only get the rabbit shot, er, rabbie shot.
    You don't look fat to me. I am sure all of that extra weight is just muskles from your recent Olympic activities. Um, you weigh more than 10? ... your muskles are so big you could smoosh me.


  35. Oh Katie...we're sorry you hadta go through all that! I hadta go through it a couple of weeks ago myself! I hate the PTU (prisoner transport unit)! And I let mom know it all the way to the evil v-e-t office.

    Zoey's gotta go next week...and she hates going more than me!! She poops in the PTU to show her displeasure!


  36. Katie-Katie-Katie

    The only temper I've seen is your Mommy's. And it is a enough to give one cat scratch fever.
    Thank God I got my shots.
    Love Patches

  37. Poor sweet little Katie!!! That needle is HUGE! you musta been terrified.
    I'm on low-carb. Isn't soo bad. Fancyfeast toona is lowish-carb.
    I hopes you and green-frog gets over your trips real soon!

  38. Oh Katie you never fail to crack us up. Wonder if the lady would like a needle in her hiney or a frog in her purse!
    Benny & Lily

  39. Wow that is a real crackpot! Shots for dogs and TUBBY! I think not! 10 pounds is a good weight.

    I'm a twig at 11! Course I'm big-boned and there's the floof...

    Your carrier is as cute as it is evil.

  40. Isn't the v-e-t just the worst? At least our v-e-t wants us to eat more, but we did get those shots. Our tempers are still the same though. That cat carrier always gives us a feeling of doom.

  41. We said it before, we say it again - that vet is either blind or crazy. You are PERFECTION!!

  42. OH Nose!!! Not the dreaded V~E~T! WTH??? Sounds like such an ordeal you were put through. We think after all of that torture, regardless of what The CrackPot says...GloGirly should just pretend she didn't hear him and lavish you with delicious morsels of YUM!

  43. Poor Katie, such indignities! Good news about the gingivitis though! We think all vets are bonkers, they tell our apes to give us special fuuds for tums, for teef, for this, for that and ALL those fuuds have loadsa carbs and cereals and crap which makes us fat, then the vets want to sell us fuuds to make us lose weight. The only healthy thing about such vets is their bank balance.


    Whicky Wuudler
    (sturdy but not fat)

  44. I have to eat O/M. (overweight management) Mom is nasty. She puts my O/M on the floor and puts the yummy smelling tasty stuff on the counter where only Scooby & Scout can jump up to get it.

  45. These VET's, they're all the same, Katie. They think nothing of insulting us and talking about us as if we're not sitting right there! The indignity of it all!!

    If you're tubby at 10+ lb., what does that make ME?! I can't even think about dieting. I'm going to have a snack.


  46. Hi there, I've got at least two things to say: 1) You are soo lucky that you have your own, PRIVATE carrier...I have to share mine with Tiny and as soon as we are put in the car she doesn't shut up!! You are soo lucky that you don't have to put up with such a whiner; 2) diet...that is one of those 4-letter words that should be banned..but listen, I have a solution...come on over to our house...Mom is such a pushover that we can get food out of her at almost any time! Seriously! Just sneak on over...I'll share mine with you (but not with whiney Tiny!). I've just seen all your Olympic pictures and I think you are incredibly talented...never have I seen such talent..and pretty, too! You should be a kitty know, you could wear diamonds and stuff and be in magazines...forget the cat poop stuff and the meow deserve Harry Winston or Veuve Cliquot!!! Have a nice weekend..your new admirer, Lautrec

  47. Trips to the vet are always disasterous. Especially if you are a ginger twit by the name of Goldie who has a poo in the carrier.

    He needs work.

    purrs, Shade

  48. Dem v-e-t-s are evil!!!!! Fat, kitties aren't fat, we are floofy!

  49. Oh, Katie, we can relate. I just took Bowie to the V-E-T today for his shots and a haircut. All the way to the vet, he let me know his displeasure. When I picked him up at the vet, he looked at me once. And never said a word the whole drive home. And his brother, Jonny, needs to have some teeth pulled. We heard from Marg at Marg's Animals that you told her about some good stuff to put in the water and food. We'll have to see if we can get that.

    Good luck with your weight regimen. We know you'll do just fine.


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