Sunday, February 25, 2024

Snow Freshies


WAFFLES:  Nothing to see here. Other than a handsome mancat hanging on my favorite chair with the snow freshies out the window behind me. 

ELLIE:  What are snow freshies, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  That's what Glogirly calls it when she races to the ski area after it's been snowing. Powder. Pow-pow. You know,  freshies.

ELLIE:  This is what like to do when there's freshies.


We've had a LOT of the white stuff here at the mountain house. And it's been cold enough that it's been sticking around more than usual. 

Of course that means you-know-who is doing a lot of you-know what. In fact, today marks Glogirly's 60th day of skiing this season! At this rate she'll have no trouble making her goal of 100 days in the season.


  1. Wow amazing snow🙀 Waffles you and Ellie are best inside keeping warm leaves the out doors too Glogirly.xx😽

  2. It looks beautiful. Mom might want to be out there with you but we'd rather sit by a fire and look outside!

  3. As long as Glogirly keeps her ears on!

  4. It's good that Glogirly has snow she can enjoy!
    I'm with you Ellie! Much prefer to snuggle in a nice warm, cozy spot!
    Purrs Winnie

  5. Wwe had 72F here on Tuesday...but atfter b=sme bad, and violent storms, we expect snow freshies here too, and 18F later tongihht! Brrr!

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