Monday, October 30, 2023

First Snow!


ELLIE:  Mr, Waffles! The cold white stuff is here again! First time this season. And it's almost as tall as ME!!!

WAFFLES:  You're pretty short, Ellie. I've seen bigger. WAY bigger. This isn't even enough to get the man in brown shorts stuck in our driveway overnight. 

ELLIE:  There's a man in brown shorts??? Isn't he cold? 

WAFFLES:  This is Colorado, Ellie. The Rocky Mountains. The men in brown shorts don't let a few snowflakes cramp their style.

Snow Scenes

We had our first snow of the season this weekend! The so-called weather experts were talking all big like 10"+. Glogirly even started getting her ski stuff organized. But here at the mountain house we didn't even hit 5". And with sunny skies and warm weather this week, our white stuff will probably be gone in no time. But it's still really beautiful and we're thrilled to have even a little. Word is the ski areas saw much more than we did here so that's making Glogirly smile. 

When it snows, our furry neighbors will often come to visit. 

When it snows, the sunrises are spectacular.

When it snows, these you-know-who's are doing you-know-what.


  1. My gosh it looks chilly. It doesn't snow where I live. Keep warm friends.

  2. Brrr. we don't want to see any snow till near the end of December and then it can go away as far as we are concerned, LOL!
    Having voiced that opinion, we might see some snow in the next few days, but not much...thankfully. Unless they are wrong!

    You kitties make me smile with your chatter and sweetness!

  3. Precious pics and I'm glad you didn't get too much snow - poor man in the shorts :)

  4. You all live high up there, kitties...the snow starts early and stays late, but Glogirly likes it that way, doesn't she?

  5. I just love these photos and I love how they adore each other.The sunrise is gorgeous! I was in Denver at the end of September for my niece's wedding (at a ranch), it was so beautiful!


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