Monday, June 5, 2023

The Great Moth Hunters

WAFFLES:  Be very, very still, Ellie.

ELLIE:  Why, Mr. Waffles? What are being still for? 

WAFFLES:  We're on the hunt. 

ELLIE:  What are we hunting, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  Careful, Ellie. No sudden moves. 

ELLIE:  It's a bird! It's a plane! It's, it's–


ELLIE:  What's a super moth, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  It's the most giantest of the giant moths. 

ELLIE:  How giant is giantest?

WAFFLES:  Known to grab eight pound grey and white cats named Ellie and fly off with them.

ELLIE:  I don't know, Mr. Waffles. He looks pretty small to me. Looks like a bug with baby wings. 

About Today's Photos

It's officially spring moth season here in the mountains. A small few have started to make their way into the house through tiny unknown openings. It won't be long and they'll be hanging out in the evenings by the windows too. 

Waffles and Ellie LOVE moth hunting. The bathroom windows seem to attract more of these flying friends than any other windows. Lucky for the outside moths, there's a heavy duty screen keeping them safe and out of reach. In fact, that probably makes the hunt even more fun.


  1. Waffles, how good of you to protect your sisfur.
    Da Boyz go crazy when something that flies gets in.
    They scoff at ants, however.

  2. We have small moths here in the warehouse apartment that eat Z-Girls clothes, which she seems to have a problem with. So we try to help and catch them too! Sometimes we win but they can get up high pretty fast. You go Waffles! Hope you can keep the Mountain House moth free on the inside!

  3. Happy hunting Waffles! Angel likes to make them fly and then chase them!

  4. Oh Waffles telling Ellie the moth would fly off with her.😸😸


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