Sunday, April 23, 2023

Spring Snow Cats


ELLIE:  Mr, Waffles!!! Look at all this cold white stuff...and it's already spring! I think it's taller than ME too.

WAFFLES:  You're pretty short, Ellie. I've seen bigger. Way bigger. This isn't even enough to get the man in brown shorts stuck in our driveway overnight. 

ELLIE:  There's a man in brown shorts??? Isn't he cold? 

WAFFLES:  This is Colorado, Ellie. The Rocky Mountains. The men in brown shorts don't let a few snowflakes cramp their style.

Snowy Mountain Scenes

It may be spring everywhere else, but here in the Rocky Mountains it's like winter again! Glogirly and Gloman couldn't be happier. Glogirly has a big week of skiing planned which means Gloman and the kitties will have lots of cuddle time. Plus, every snowfall helps with wildfire prevention, so that's definitely something to be grateful for.

We had about 6" fall on Saturday. Sunday was warm and sunny so it's already melting. Our road was so warm before the snow fell that we didn't even have to plow. 

There's as much as 9" more on the way. 

And you-know-who is ready.

These you-know-whos are ready too.


  1. The purrfect place to be when you love to ski!
    A purrfect place to snuggle if you are a cat ;) MOL!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. I think the cats know how to handle the snow! Where will glogirly ski? I thought that her usual mountain had closed last week?

  3. You keep that white stuff away from us. We don't want any more!

  4. Pretty snow photos. We love seeing the snugglers!

  5. Seriously, Gloman and Glogirly must just melt with love when they see Waffles and Ellie all curled up together!


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