Sunday, March 26, 2023

Birthday in the House!

ELLIE:  Last week was SUPER exciting! Gloman had a BIRTHDAY! 

WAFFLES:  You're talking like this is the first birthday he ever had, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  Well I've only had TWO birthdays. I bet Gloman has only had like three or four! 

WAFFLES:  And I thought I was bad at math. Seriously Ellie, I've had like TEN birthdays. 

ELLIE:  You mean you're older than Gloman, Mr. Waffles?! 

WAFFLES:  That hurts, Ellie. That really hurts.

Happy Birthday, Gloman!!!

Our dearest cat daddy celebrated another spin around the sun last week! Glogirly made him his favorite breakfast, Eggs Benny. There was cake and cupcakes too, Then they celebrated at one of their favorite restaurants for a yummy dinner. Over the weekend they watched their Netflix stories in their pjs surrounded by cats and snacks. It was PURRfect! Happy Bday, Gloman! We love you so, so much!


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