Sunday, February 19, 2023

Yin & Yang Kitties

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles, you're pressing my forehead. 

WAFFLES:  You're pressing on MY forehead, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  Your foot smells kind of funny, Mr. Waffles.

WAFFLES:  You're foot smells kind of girlie, Ellie.

ELLIE:  It smells kind of like Gloman's Cheetos. 

WAFFLES:  I can neither confirm or deny touching Gloman's Cheetos. 

About Today's Photos & Video 

The infamous blue chair sits in Gloman's home office, right next to his desk. And the scene during office hours is usually the same. Ellie licking Waffles, Waffles licking Ellie, peace and harmony, with enough cute and cat hair to warm our hearts. Even when Glogirly is out on the ski hill, Gloman is texting her photos and videos of his two office assistants. 



  1. Gloman is so very lucky to have two great assistants!

  2. We're not sure how Glogirly could ever leave those two even for a day of skiing! She must really love those hills!

  3. So adorable xx😻♥️🐾🐈‍⬛

  4. Da Boyz do that same thing, WE (Waffles and Ellie).

  5. These two sweethearts are so scrumptious together. They love each other so much. I love cat love πŸ’ž


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