Sunday, July 24, 2022

Rain Dancing


ELLIE:  I sure hope the birds and chipmunks took swimming lessons, Mr. Waffles! It keeps raining and raining. And Mr. Sun keeps playing hide and seek. Plus, Glogirly and Gloman doing their happy dance? I hope they know how to swim too.

WAFFLES:  Rain is supposed to be good for wildfires, Ellie. That's why Glogirly and Gloman are dancing. Pretty sure the sun will be back super soon. Me and Mr. Sun are tight. In the meantime, you really should take advantage of all the nice napping blankets around here. Just be sure to–

ELLIE:  Keep my distance. Don't encroach and stuff. Whatever that means.

WAFFLES:  Exactly. Sometimes a mancat needs his space.

Roller Coaster Weather

One this is for certain when it comes to weather in the rocky mountains. Absolutely nothing. 

We can experience four seasons in four hours. Just a little over a week ago, we were longing for the days of our Minneapolis air conditioning. Nobody, including us, has A/C here in the mountains. There are really only a small handful of days that it would be nice to have it and the temperatures always cool off beautifully in the evenings and overnight. Nature is our air conditioner. That said, just a few days ago we were pretty miserable. It was in the upper 80s up here at 8,000 feet. And in the direct sun it was probably reaching up into the 90s. (Over 100 in Denver!) 

For the past couple of days we've been enjoying unseasonably cool temperatures mixed with some very well needed rain. Wildfires are a really concern for us, so any amount of moisture is truly a gift. That's why Glogirly and Gloman are doing their happy dance.

But even with rain, we're still at an extremely high risk for wildfires. Thunder and lightening can be extreme at elevation and just last night, lightening struck a tree in another part of our canyon and started a small fire. Our firefighters were out in the dark with headlamps searching for it's location. They even tried to spot it from a residents deck. This morning they used a drone to pinpoint it, and had crews ready to pounce. Shortly after they were able to contain it. It was just under an acre in size. We sure LOVE our firefighters.

To all our friends that are experiencing severely high temperatures - Please stay safe and hydrated. Keep a special eye on your furry family members as well as seniors and anyone with compromised health concerns. We hope we can share some of our cooler weather with you very soon.

Thank You, Thank You!

Glogirly wants to send a special THANK YOU to our friends and readers who wished her a happy birthday last week. Birthday wishes make her trips around the sun extra fun!


  1. We are glad that the rain keeps the wildfires from your door. No need for air conditioning here in New Zealand either. We have a small fan that we use for only a couple of nights per year.

  2. Belated happy birthday! We were one of the ones who couldn't comment on the blog for the past couple of weeks, but I think we're good now! I wish we could have some rain - my human would be doing a happy dance here too.

  3. Hope no more fires happen.Too scary. And we hope the way too hot temps abate t cooler ones.

    Blogger isn't letting me comment either...though after multiple tries in different browsers it finally cooperated. Sheesh!

  4. Having visited you and Waffles once, when we had about three seasons while driving to your place, we know what you mean!
    We've been very dry, and even a pretty good rain yesterday doesn't do enough.
    No central A/C here either; usually, we have about a weeks worth of rotten hot days each year, and we can survive (albeit very sweatily...) during those times.
    Cool baths before bed make all the difference.

  5. We are glad you are getting rain! And we'll be glad when things cool off here! We don't like the heat!

  6. We are really happy to hear there is rain in the canyon. Those wildfires are always a threat without nature's way of quelling the spark that could lead to danger. We like to see thunderstorms here, but it's really just beautiful lighting in the sky for us city girls! Anyway, Ellie you and Waffles look very comfy on the blankets. Here's to hoping for cooler days and a fire-free zone!

  7. don't know what Eastside Cats is talking about but we have had WAY more than a week of 90+ degree days this year (they started in May). She must be residing on another planet lol. Hope you remain safe and sound from those wild fires!!!!

  8. Enjoy your rain and cooler weather kitties, and if you get a chance - send some of that down to Texas!

  9. Fire is scary!! We hope there aren't any wildfires near you.

  10. I would love to see some rain here in SoCal! Belated happy birthday - I've only been able to comment on your blog in the past couple of days. We were one of those that were having technical issues.

  11. Please no fires at your house. Except those in your fireplace!

  12. Those fires sound scary, we're glad you got some rain ! Purrs


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