Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tired of Sleeping??? Say it isn't So!

ELLIE:  Glogirly says it's hard to write our stories when we get along and stuff. She says that it's harder to make our friends laugh when we're, you know...cuddling and stuff. 

WAFFLES:  I'm sleeping, Ellie. That's my story. 

ELLIE:  But Mr. Waffles, don't you want to make a FUN story?

WAFFLES:  Sleeping IS fun, Ellie. Yawning, sleeping, sleeping, yawning. You should try it.

ELLIE:  But don't you ever get tired of sleeping, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Tired of sleeping? That doesn't make any sense, Ellie. 

About Today's Photos

Just when Glogirly was trying to decide what kind of story to share for our blog post today, especially what might be funny, she walked into the bedroom to open the window and found this love fest going on in the coveted "window chair."

Usually whoever gets to the chair first has a claim on it for the whole day. Sometimes it's Waffles, and sometimes Ellie. But today they proved no chair is too small for two cats. 



  1. They are so sweet together! I sometimes find Murphy bugging his Mama, wanting to snuggle up with her, but she'll gently cuff him and send him away. Within an hour, he's back and she lets him settle in.

  2. I love their sweet relationship!

  3. Who doesn't love cuddling kitties?

  4. the love that these two have for each other is just unreal, and BEYOND ADORABLE!!!! xoxo

  5. Waffles and Ellie, I'm thinking Glogirly and Gloman sometimes want to cry real tears of joy, when they see you two snuggled up like this.
    The Hubby and I spent a fair amount of time yesterday pointing to Da Boyz who were napping together like a two-headed cat, and saying, "Look! They are so CUTE!," which your people are doing too!

  6. They hit the mark as we were laughing. Loved Waffles big yawn and Ellie just kept that stretching going moving him over... and over... and over MOL Purrs friends

  7. Sleep is good. Sweet is good. What seems to be the problem?

  8. What are you talking about, Glogirly? One chair is enough for ten cats when they're in a sharing mood. XD On the flip side, a California king is only enough for one cat when that cat's stretched all the way out. No idea how they do it, but good luck to any human finding a way to settle comfortably around that cat.


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