Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Great Super Moth Hunt

WAFFLES:  Be very still, Ellie.

ELLIE:  Why, Mr. Waffles? What are we doing? 

WAFFLES:  We're on the hunt, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  What are we hunting, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  Be careful, Ellie. No sudden moves. 

ELLIE:  It's a bird! It's a plane! It's, it's–


ELLIE:  What's a super moth, Mr. Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  It's the most giantest of the giant moths. 

ELLIE:  How giant is giantest?

WAFFLES:  How giant? Known to grab seven pound kittens and fly off with them.

ELLIE:  I don't know, Mr. Waffles. He looks pretty small to me. Looks like a bug with baby wings. 

About Today's Photos

Waffles and Ellie LOVE moth hunting. The bathroom windows attract more of these flying friends than any other windows. Lucky for the moths, there's a heavy duty screen keeping them safe and out of reach. In fact, that probably makes the hunt even more fun.

Gloman was ready with his camera when he noticed Waffles and Ellie transfixed on the little moth at the top of the window. The kitties didn't even know he was there.

A Special Thank You

We want you to know how touched Glogirly was by all of your heartfelt birthday wishes here on our blog and on Facebook too. We have the best friends and readers in the world! 



  1. Sparkle, the founder of my blog, LOVED moth hunting! I'm a little bit indifferent to them.

  2. Us pups like to try and catch moths too...we even had a large one in the house the other day...oh-oh!

  3. Da Boyz are crazy for moths too, and they'll destroy the house while chasing them!

  4. Those moths are lucky you can't get to them!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Roary wants to come and help with the moth!! He LOVES chasing moths (we frequently get them INSIDE!!)....he wants to hone his skills and come join you! (The series of photos and the convo is just darling!! )

  6. Moth? Where? I will grab him and tear yum him down in a second! Come on and share you two
    Miss Fitz

  7. BUG HUNTING! So much fun to watch cats hunt them! Don't know if that moth qualifies as "Super Moth", though. Wonder what Waffles would think of a luna moth. Now *that's* a Super Moth!


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