Sunday, May 16, 2021

Ellie and the Waffle Wagon

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles and me are hiding out where nobody can find us!

WAFFLES:  You mean I was hiding out where YOU couldn't find me. 

ELLIE:  You mean in the bright orange stroller with your WAFFLES license plate? 

WAFFLES:  It's my orange mancat cave. And yes, it has MY name on it. 

ELLIE:  I don't know, Mr. Waffles. It looks like a stroller to me. And you really shouldn't be driving it on account of you're sleeping. With your eyes closed and everything.

WAFFLES:  I WAS sleeping. With my eyes closed. In my mancat cave. And now–

ELLIE:  So are you awake now? 

WAFFLES:  Do I look awake? 

ELLIE:  Well your eyes are kind of squinty. Does that mean you're awake or–

WAFFLES:  Annoyed?

About Today's Photos

As much as Waffles adores his sweet Ellie, sometimes a mancat just needs his mancat time. Every once in awhile, Waffles will find a quiet napping spot far away from the action. The other day, Glogirly couldn't find either of them and was just about ready to go for the treat drawer to do a quick cat check. But she circled the house first and found both Ellie and Waffles curled up together in the corner of the guest room, inside Waffles' stroller. (a.k.a The Waffle Wagon) 


  1. Ellie has gotten so embiggened! She's looking so much like a grown up cat now, instead of a cute lil kitten.

  2. Did Waffles think he was going to ditch his shadow that easily? Ha!

  3. We always love to see Waffles and Ellie together like that.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Sorry Waffles, but when your pal(Ellie) likes you,
    they want to be close to you ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. It's hard being so popular, Waffles...

  6. That's so cute. Just enough room for two.

  7. About once a day, The Hubby and I can't find a cat! Usually, we'll figure it out, but about once a month, we have to shake the kibble container, to draw out the missing kitty.
    That's Da Boyz for you!
    Sweetie and The PO'M are always easy to find, at least for me.

  8. Hard to find some "me-time" in quiet spot, right, Waffles ? Purrs

  9. too funny! Maybe Waffles thought he was taking her on a date? MOL!

  10. That last picture is beyond wonderful !

  11. Waffles doesn't have his own mancat cave anymore.

  12. Poor, Waffles, he finds it so hard to get some peace and quiet!

    but it was SO cute in there:)

  13. Just when you think you are safe there is some small cat barging in. Waffles she will soon be too large to fit along with you. You two are so sweet

  14. Aw, poor guy. Now you have to find a new hiding spot.

  15. Waffles, we love your sweet mancave even if it's a stroller. Ellie. you just love hanging out with your pal. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  16. He's awake, Ellie. Well, he is now, anyway!


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