Sunday, February 14, 2021

Ellie, Waffles, and the Valentines Paper

ELLIE:  Thanks for the Valentines paper, Mr. Waffles! 

WAFFLES:  Valentines paper???

ELLIE:  Didn't you get me all this paper for Valentines Day? Paper is my FAVORITE toy ever. Like ever EVER. I thought you knew.

WAFFLES:  But it's not even pink. 

ELLIE:  Yeah, but it's PAPER. 

WAFFLES:  And there aren't any hearts or anything. 

ELLIE:  Valentines isn't about pink hearts and stuff, Mr. Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  It's about being with someone you love, right? 

ELLIE:  You mean like paper?

WAFFLES:  No. Like ME, right? 

ELLIE:  I was kind of thinking it was about–

ELLIE:  PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Today's Photos

Happy Belated Valentines Day, everyone! It was super cold up here in the mountains so we built a fire to snuggle next to. Gloman's favorite kindling is the left over packing paper from all the stuff Glogirly buys online. 

Ellie goes CRAZY for the packing paper. As long as Glogirly keeps shopping, Ellie will never need another cat toy! LOL!


  1. For us it's the boxes, we love the boxes the peeps stuff comes in.

  2. Well, paper IS fun ;)
    I think you find it fun too Waffles.
    Sounds like you will have a good supply all the time too ;) MOL!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Recycling at it's best!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Packing paper makes such wonderful noise, it's fun to hide under, to slide on, to rip to shreds! And boxes can be sat in, slept in, torn up (great for sharpening teeth). And then there's foil balls to chase and bat around the house!

  5. My kitties say packing paper is the best.

  6. Happy Valentine's day loveys!!! Yes they sure do put a lot of that packaging paper. I once laid it out in our very long hallway and all the cats just loved strutting and sliding and going under it. And yes good kindling!

  7. Hooray for PAPER!!

    Belated greetings for a Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Oh yeah, paper is a kitty's first love, then boxes! Ellie and Waffles, you two are just the cutest, sweetest kitties ever!

  9. The cats can never get enough of that new fresh crinkly packing paper!

  10. Ellie, I am glad you find joy in the simple things in life.


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