Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ellie, Waffles, and the CatLadyBox

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles!!! 

WAFFLES:  Outa my way, Ellie...I'm going in!

ELLIE:  Butt Mr. Wafflfes, I don't think you can fit in there. 

WAFFLES:  Can't FIT??? Are you kidding?! It's a box. I can fit in ANY box.

WAFFLES:  Are you sure, Mr. Waffles? 

ELLIE:  Because this box looks kind of small. Or you look kind, big.

WAFFLES:  Big???

WAFFLES:  There. See? I fit just fine. 

ELLIE:  Not much room left in there, Mr. Waffles.

ELLIE:  I fit too. See?

ELLIE:  I fit kind of better. 

About Today's Photos
The best day of EVERY month is the day our CatLadyBox arrives. It's filled with goodies for Glogirly like t-shirts and stuff, and it always has some super fun toys for the kitties. Of course one of the best parts is the box itself. It didn't take Ellie long to claim the box AND the toys as her own.

Her favorite toy from this month's box is Petie the Penguin. He's a stuffy toy with crinkly sounding wings and catnip. 

ELLIE:  He can FLY! He can FLY!!!

ELLIE:  He can bounce too! 

ELLIE:  There, there. Nice Petie.

If you've never ordered a CatLadyBox before...wait, there are people who've never had a CatLadyBox before?? Well, you totally should. Sign up for their emails and you'll get some great deals delivered to your inbox. That's a purrfect way to start. 

PS - This isn't a sponsored post. CatLadyBox had no idea we were even mentioning them today. We just love our box and thought you might too.


  1. Boxes are such kitty magnets!!
    Those are wonderful action shots!

  2. Ellie, you have the best coach around, teaching you all of the good stuff. Like box sitting. It's fun, right? We love when we get a CatLady box and we also love Chewy boxes. Valentina claims them before they even get opened!!
    Enjoy your new toy!! And Waffles, you are such a good big bro. We love you!

  3. Mom just ordered a Cat Lady Box last month and LOVED it!! When Dad goes back to work (which we are hoping he does next week) Mom REALLY wants to subscribe, they have the BEST stuff! I should have blogged about it but didn't, I will in the future for sure! I got the cutest bowl, sweatshirt and is a great value!

  4. I'd love to get TW a subscription but she says she's "lightening her load" and trying to throw stuff out rather than get other stuff. We get their emails and always love their back boxes sales though.

  5. I love how much fun these two have together!

  6. What fun that box is! Ellie, I do believe you are right and fit better than Waffles.

  7. You're right, Waffles : you fit, you sit indeed. What a cute pair you make with Ellie ! Purrs

  8. Waffles you fit as well as Ellie and what fun you two have together. We really liked her closing the lid on you MOL

  9. Waffles and Katie, you are uber-cute today! I keep hinting to family to get me a subscription to no avail. Eventually, I'll have to just treat myself, they look pawsome!

  10. Ellie is getting so big! I wonder if Catboxlady delivers to Canada

  11. I think the folks at CatLadyBox know that it's not just the stuff inside the box that is fun for the kitties!

  12. Ellie, you sure can make that toy fly! You go girl.


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