Friday, June 15, 2018

Waffles in the Go-Bag

WAFFLES:  If I fits I sits. And I fits PURR-fectly in this one.

KATIE:  You may fits, Waffles. But you're sitting on the kitchen counter. Again.

WAFFLES:  Technically, Boss, I'm not really touching the counter. 

KATIE:  Technically, Waffles, I think you're pushing it.

WAFFLES:  I'm not pushing, Boss. I told you, If I fits I sits. 

About Today's Photos
It's wildfire season in the mountains and Glogirly is finally getting around to making emergency plans and preparations in case the unthinkable ever happens. Part of this includes having a Go-Bag packed and ready to go. 

Apparently Waffles is ready to go in Glogirly's new emergency backpack. 

We plan on sharing what we're packing and how we're preparing in a future blog post. These kinds of plans are so very important, no matter where you live. And they're plans we pray we never need to use. 


  1. I think that go-bag must be for Waffles! He DOES fit, after all!

  2. I was wondering if the fires were close to you. Fire season sucks

  3. We too need an emergency kit, containing paperwork and veterinary info.

  4. Hey, looks like you will need another for Katie and one more for their food. As to the humans I guess they come second?
    Heres hoping you never have to use them in anger....
    Toodle pips and purrs

  5. We pray you never need it either. We love Katie’s squinty-eyed picture!

  6. We have a bag packed in case of us needing to evacuate. For us our main risk is earthquakes. So mum has spare clothes, some cash in small notes, toiletries,in a small backpack for herself. In my cat carrier, mum stores a bag with a blankie, cat biscuits and cans with a spare bowl and some water are stored so that mum can grab it in a hurry (oh and a cat harness in their in case we end up somewhere strange so that mum can at least let me wander safely).

    Like you we hope we don't need to use it but best be prepared just in case.
    Julie and poppy Q

  7. You are right Waffles, you are not on the counter, the bag is.

  8. Looks like Waffles is ready if you have to leave

  9. This is a good idea, and we look forward to reading about your emergency plans.

  10. Waffles will probably be ready for transport in whatever you have for him...I imagine though that Miss Katie will want to be in her SleepyPod! We sure hope you never need to put your plan into action, but we are also glad you are preparing.

  11. We were thinking about you out there with all the fires. Hope you never need that but it is good to be prepared.

  12. We hope you never have to use that go-bag...except for Waffles to sit in.

  13. Well you are all prepared Waffles and in the right place. You better make room for Katie! Be safe. ❤

  14. They *do* say to pack what's important, and what's more important than your cats? ;D

  15. You look all ready to go!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  16. These guys have to be the cutest luggage I've ever seen, almost makes it two easy to forget that the purpose of these bags is so serious, but it's so important that you do have these in case of an emergency.

    World of Animals


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