Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vanity and the Orange Mancat

"Hello There"
WAFFLES:  Hello, ladies. Welcome to Waffles Wednesday. 

KATIE:  So, Mr. Waffles Wednesday, you know you're not supposed to be on the counter, right?

"Who, Me?"
WAFFLES:  That's the KITCHEN counter, Boss. This is the bathroom, duh.

KATIE:  A counter is a counter is a counter, Waffles.

"NOT a Counter"
WAFFLES:  That's like three counters, Boss. You're kind of repeating yourself.

KATIE:  You mean like when Glogirly tells you to get off the counter, again and again? And again?

"Handsome Poser"
WAFFLES:  I can't hear you, Boss. I'm busy being handsome. 

"Kiss Me"
WAFFLES:  You know, for the ladies.

About Today's Photos
Every once in a while, Waffles tries to help Glogirly put on her makeup in the morning. And then Glogirly helps him off the counter. But today was a no-makeup day for Glogirly. She was just tidying up the house and happened into the bathroom. 

Fortunately, her camera was close by because that first photo at the beginning of today's blog post was exactly what she saw– Waffles looking like he was posing for a centerfold. When she started shooting, the mancat/supermodel started working the camera. He was twirling around the bathroom sink and faucet, totally showing off. A few trills and chortles were heard, then he finished the photo session with a kiss on the mirror. 

Pure Waffles.


  1. What a poseur! Heh, like I'm one to talk.

  2. Waffles being good looking.
    A good looking cat can get away with all sorts of things ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Handsome handsome! THIS lady cat loves it.

  4. Waffles, you are pure that's for sure!!! We love how you work it!!! Katie, we love the markings on your back paws. Did you remind Waffles that you don't have to get on the counter to be noticed?? And Glogirly, Z-girl wants you to know that if we had a nice big Hollywood bathroom, we too would be in helping with makeup. Valentina sits outside and dutifully watches as she does hair and makeup. More room would equal more help! Ha!!

  5. Mama says you succeed in being handsome for the ladies Waffles! She is smitten.

  6. Waffles, it's not vanity if it's the TRUTH, right?
    You ARE the handsomest gingermancat on the planet, paws down!

  7. If the camera is there, you might as well pose for it!

  8. Work it Waffles! I am not one for posing or watching myself in the mirror.

  9. Waffles is total centerfold material. Hunka hunka handsome mancat!

  10. Great photos of Mr Waffles and it does make a wonderful post.

  11. The camera loves him almost as much as he loves the camera


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