Monday, June 25, 2018

Table? What Table? The Big Pine Pollen Cleanup

WAFFLES:  We're not sitting on the dining room table. 

KATIE:  Clearly.

WAFFLES:  We're sitting on the dining room chairs.

KATIE:  All seating is fair game. 

WAFFLES:  So then why's Glogirly telling us to get off?

KATIE:  She's confused. Probably all that pine pollen dust she's been cleaning off the floors has finally gotten to her.

WAFFLES:  Look out, Boss! Here she comes.

KATIE:  Table? What table? 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, what the Boss said.

About Today's Photos
Pine pollen season is a big deal here in the mountains. Every June, for about 2-3 weeks, or until we get a nice rain, the pine cones release their pollen into the air. Last year, our first in the mountains, we noticed a little yellowy-green dust for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't really a big deal. This year though, the pine pollen was EXTREME. Longtime residents in our canyon have said it's the worst they've seen. 

Picture a yellow dust storm coating the sky and everything else in its path. Including everything in the house. The pollen usually comes with some pretty warm weather, so it becomes a choice between opening the windows for the cool evening air, knowing you'll wake up to a fresh coating of pollen on everything, or leaving the windows shut and having the house feel too warm and stuffy.

We're extremely lucky that no one in the house, including Katie and Waffles, suffers from allergies and is bothered by the pollen. 

Now that we've finally gotten some desperately needed rain which has washed all the pollen away outside, Glogirly is working hard to clean up the house and get ready for some summer visitors. 

Imagine her surprise when she was left the dining area to rinse out her floor mop and returned to find both Katie and Waffles sitting ever-so nonchalantly on the bottoms of the dining chairs on top of the table. 

All she could do was giggle. And grab her phone to snap a picture.


  1. The forest is beautiful but there is a price to be paid

  2. Heck, that would be our idea of a nightmare. Around here we have had the worst pollen count ever and it is very debilitating to Mrs H, who has been bed bound due to it. Still good to see that you know the safest place to be when theres a mop around especially if your staff are as haphazard with a broom as Mrs H is MOL
    Toodle pips

  3. We have a lot of pine pollen here too. The sky turns green when the wind blows.

  4. That solves a mystery for my human - she used to take belly dance lessons from someone in Silver Lake, and one year, their car in the driveway was covered in a bunch of yellow pollen! Well, their property had pine trees, so there you go.

  5. We agree, you were not on the table! And youbhad to test out the upside down chairs!

  6. Here, the falling Oak catkins spoil May on our deck and get tracked in everywhere. I see you have a similar June problem there.

  7. There are allergies all over. At least yours are pretty--although as bad as it is in the Ohio Valley and in Portland, we have never really gotten yellow stuff inside the house. At least not that we've noticed. In Portland, we had mostly carpet.

  8. if the chairs are ON the table, they are still fair game (oh - and mom says "achoo")

  9. Oh no! Don't think I'd survive the pollen. So glad you guys can. But, that view, who cares about a little pollen.

  10. Yikes! We can't BEE-lieve all that pollen!

  11. You are on the chairs, not the table. Anyone can clearly see that. Sorry you got all that pollen stuff to clean up. Glad you are not sneezy people or cats.

  12. Hahaha that is true. Technically you are not sitting on the table and breaking the rulz.


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