Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi everyone, Katie here.

Be very, very quiet. Don't breathe a word to Glogirly.

If she knew this is what Gloman and I did everyday before she got home from work, she'd get all mad. She'd be giving me the "you're GLOMAN'S cat, not mine" bit. Laying on the guilt trip big time.

You see, I have her trained to think that I hate being held.

Or petted.

Or scratched.

That's the spot.


  1. Wow. This is gonna hurt your street cred...

  2. And Gloman was holding the camera in his teeth? Or if someone ELSE took the picture, then she has even more to worry about!

  3. Well, that is something my human does not have to worry about - I dislike being held by him even more than being held by her! He smells like dog.

  4. I just love your smile Miss Katie !!! Chin Massage is the best : )

  5. I wont tell your secret is safe with me. But chin skritches are the best.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. I actually like our man too. It does make the PM a tad irritated though.

    Oh well.

  7. heh heh. Katie, you are quite the minx. Looks like you DO enjoy laps, and having your Cat Glands scratched!


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