Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's Super Bowl Weekend. And since my Minnesota Vikings, (just like the Minnesota Twins), were not smart enough to employ my talents and thus cinch a spot in the big game, I decided to celebrate by sharing some of my own favorite supers with you.

"Hey Brett Fav---re!
Maybe you should stick to
making cameo movie appearances.
I hear there might be a sequel
... Something About Katie."

Sorry, I'm still a little hissy over the whole Super Bowl thing.
Onto my super favorites:

Ok, truth be told I'm not a fan of tape, glue or any other adhesive.
But I do love the cape.

What's not to love about super laundry?
Just watch out for the spin cycle.

I haven't seen these in a while.
Glogirly says they are not on the "approved" list.
Oh how I miss the smell of these little
fried sticks of super-wonder.

My motto: One Super Day At A Time
I also really like singing, "This Is It!"

Supermodel. Need I say more?

And of course, EVERYONE'S favorite superhero.
Stealth Kitty, or this weekend - Super Stealth Kitty.

So have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend everybody.

"Ah, What? Who's on the phone for me?
Sorry, Brett. Too late."


  1. Our Mom thinks you should give Brett another chance (she thinks he's very attractive). Our favorite, of course, is the Super Katie!

  2. Those are all great supers! And well, we can see why you would be mad a Brett. But at least you guys did much better than we did - we didn't even make the playoffs!

    Have a SUPER weekend!

  3. Lol. Our auntie Piwi is super stealth too, she is always so hard to find, if at all. But when she wants to be found, she will let you know and you will find her easy.

  4. Yeah, our 'beans could care less about The Bowl this year. Mom looks forward to the commercials. Our favorite super is ... Super Groovy! Mom says that ALOT!

  5. Oh we love those super sized fries.

  6. A lot of super greats there.. Love the super model shot.. HUgs GJ x

  7. We think Super Katie is the best too!!! Have a super duper weekend y'all!

  8. I love Super Stealth Kitty.

    I have an award for you, come check it out on my blog...

    Purrs from Gotchi

  9. Katie you are a Supermodel for sure!...and Super Stealth Kitty is awesome!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Those supers are super!! We love Super Katie the best!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. You are a super good girl, Katie - er, Super Katie!
    have a happy fun week-end! I hope you get a super size of snuggles

    superheadbonkies, Super Pierro

  12. I'm just "super happy" that it's the freekin' weekend and I might get some time with the 'rents that does not involve paint fumes and buckets...

  13. Love this post, Katie! we love all of these supers, too. You look especially great as Super Model and Super Stealth Kitty. :)

    We hope you, Glogirly and Gloman have a super weekend!

  14. We think you are the most super of all the Supers Katie.

  15. Sorry you not getting to super bowl, but maybe next year. Brett will no doubt hmmm/hawwww bout if he's coming back or not. Good luck! Dis is your neighbor from Packer country.

  16. Everything is better super-sized!

    ps: Want to know a secret? I get many of my fanciest outfits from Build-a-Bear! I am just barely 7 pounds, so the clothing fits me real good.

  17. We'd rather watch you than some football game Katie. Let us know what channel you'll be on.

  18. Football's not my thing, and I'm Canadian, to boot, but I do wish you a wonderful weekend and lots of fun watching the Super Bowl! You're a supurr girl, Katie, any way you look at it. And funny, too!

  19. We're sorry your team didn't make it to the Super Bowl but we think Super Katie is the best anyway!

  20. We love these pictures, Katie! You and Glogirly are so talented! Ah...super-size fries...what could be better? Well, that's according to mama.

    Have a Super weekend!


  21. Katie, we think you are pretty Super!!

    Enjoy the big game...even if your Vikings aren't playing...

  22. Super Katie!!! Will you get a cameo appearance at the half time show? Who needs The Who anyway....uh oh...I think my mom does...

    Magic bus...Magic bus....stop it mom!!!!!! Hope they at least play "Behind Blue Eyes" for my momma Ellie. I'm just waiting for the dedication....

  23. Supermodel Katie is the best "super" we like!
    Is your mom having a party for the superbowl? Ours are going to a neighbors for an enchilada/football party and are going to admire the neighbors cats instead of us all night. Harumpph.

  24. Best of all is you as a supermodel! Cause you are so pretty!

  25. You're SUPER FABULOUS Katie! I LOVE this post...GREAT job!
    your pal,

  26. i know this won't help you with this year but remember there is always next year that your team might get to the Super Bowl place. Love all of your super photos, and you are super too! Head over to my place tomorrow and try to forget that your team is at home and help me root for my team the Colts. Next year maybe I can be at your place cheering on the your guys! See you tomorrow.

  27. You're so funny, Katie! We would love super-sized fries, but they aren't "approved" here, either!

  28. Hi sweetie,
    You are a goddess! :)
    Wonderful post, I'm so impressed!

  29. Katie you should have given Farve a pep talk prior to his last game. You are looking awfully shiek in your helmet and as a cover model.....
    Benny & Lily

  30. LOVE your SUPERS katie...i was sad about the Vikings too...they real need YOU on their side!

  31. Give the cold shoulder to Brett, he deserves it.

  32. We think that you're super duper, Katie!

  33. Happy Superbowl weekend to you too. Sorry your Vikings didn't take your sound advice. Those coaches think they know everything.

  34. Oh, I want some of those French fries! Mom's on a stupid diet and she's refusing to get any fries for us.

    I really miss them. *sniffles*

  35. We do not have super bowl in Australia.

  36. OH Stealth Kitty! You are..ahem...GLORIOUS! No play on your mommy's title at all.

  37. Katie you are UNIQUE :-)
    Your Mommy makes amazing shots from you !!!!!!
    I love it ....

    ((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=

  38. LOL! Super any kind of food is owr fav. We don't finks we've seen da last of Super Brett. He keeps comin back like a cat wif nine lives LOL!

  39. Very cool SUPERS! You does lots of fun stuffs. Dis a grate site!!! Thanks for visiting us too.

  40. Hai! Me no like football. I hope everyone won't hate me when they find out.


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