Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi everyone, Katie here.

I know you've been anxiously awaiting my Olympic skating debut. What will Katie wear? What jumps will she perform? Will she go classical or modern? Will she dominate the short program, the long program or the free skate? Will she grant an exclusive interview to Scott Hamilton?

Sources close to Katie indicate she's still considering
an exclusive sit down with Hamilton.

I wowed the judges with each of my programs. Although skiing is exhilarating, hockey exciting and curling so, well, curly... I must say it's figure skating that moves me. It allows me to tap into my inner performance artist and tell a story through movement and athletic grace.

I'm graceful as a ballerina during the long program.
My marabou feathers add a distinct yet
delicate femininity to my performance.
Plus they make great toys.

I nail the compulsory moves here.
Eye contact with the judges is key.

Modern, dramatic and completely Katie.
The Free Skate is my swan song.

Enjoy the events today everyone! I want to give another special shout out to my good friend Finny over at Housecat Confidential for creating the Cat-O-Lympics venue. Glogirly is still in freezing Florida, but I plan on being back tomorrow with more "HOW-DID-KATIE-DO-THAT!" Olympian photos.

Still alive (and alone) from Minneapolis, this is Katie. Over and out.


  1. So did you skate to the tune of "What's New Pussycat"???

    Great form by the way...where did you find those skates to fit your paws?

  2. You are the prettiest skater I have ever seen! I loves your outfit!

  3. You are a fantastic skater, Katie. I love your outfit.

  4. Oh we LOVE the ice skating events. mom used to skate when she was young and still loves to watch it. We've loved yoor Cat-O-Lympic posts ~ fany yoo.

  5. wow Katie, you're so beautiful and graceful. What a fantastic performance!

  6. Our mum loves the ice skating so we watch it with her. You are so elegant on the ice and you can perform the most difficult moves purrfectly.

  7. Katie, I think you have found your true calling. This is YOUR event, definitely!

  8. Great purrformance! What a clever kitty you are to have a costume that doubles as a toy!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. You are a vision of loveliness on the ice, Katie! It is very awesome how the photographer was even able to capture your reflection on the ice. Cool!

  10. ::Stands on Back Paws and Claps::


  11. What a performance, Katie! So graceful, so athletic, so beautiful!

  12. Katie, that was a beautiful purrformance and we loved the outfit=you are a great athlete and a fashion icon!!...Good luck...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Hi Katie!

    You are right the free skate is your strong suit!

    Oh Katie I can see why you nailed it!


    purry purrs

  14. Katie, I missed you tv last night. I guess I had better check the listings. I could give you a list of things that would may you glad that you didn't have to go to Florida, but it would keep you from your nap. You look stunning in pink. I think you have a better outfit that one Vera Wang could create. As Red Green always say at the end of his shows, keep your stick on the ice.

  15. I really do think you've gotta win the all-around gold the others! Totally impressive Katie!!!

  16. You're so naturally graceful, that figure skating is your forte. Wonderful performance!

  17. WOw Katie I think figure skating really encompasses you as well. Not only the gold but a lifetime supply of stinky goodness

  18. Wow, Katie, you're amazing and so are these photos! I am soooo impressed!


    p.s. I LOVE your outfit!

  19. Your free skate was so beautiful, Katie! When do you find the time for all those practices?

  20. We are inspired by those gorgeous photos of you skating. You are truly an artist on ice.

  21. Ahh, here's where your natural cat grace really kicks in. And you have lots of it.

  22. Katie, you are amazing on ice. A definite 10 from me!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  23. WOW, amazing. Someone has spends lots of time training. You has a very purrty skating outfits! Keep-em coming Katie, we loves your posts!

  24. Wow you are a great skater Katie! We are super impresed. And you looked wonderful in your outfit - you are both stylish and talented!


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