Sunday, April 28, 2024

15 Week Countdown - Week 8: Waffles Tries Out His Pickup Lines

Welcome to Week 8 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.)

Today's post is from 2016, back when we lived in our Minneapolis townhouse, Katie and Waffles would often hop up onto the  bar stools overlooking the kitchen, and more importantly, the food prep area. But never until this day had they BOTH sat at the counter, side by side. With breakfast in their sights, they put adie their usual "complicated" relationship and Glogirly snapped away at as many photos as she could get. That's the story behind the photos...but what she imagined them saying to one another paints a far funnier conversation.  

Waffles Tries Out His Pickup Lines on Katie

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, you come here often? 

KATIE:  Seriously? You're going to use that line on me?

WAFFLES:  Ok. How about this - can I get your digits so we can FaceTime? 

KATIE:  Waffles, you're already in my face ALL the time. The last thing I need to do is FaceTime you. And mitts off my digits.

WAFFLES:  Snapchat?

KATIE:  Waffles...

WAFFLES:  Man, picking up chicks is hard.

KATIE:  Waffles, you've got a lot to learn about girl cats.

WAFFLES: So what am I supposed to say? 

KATIE: Well, you should say nice things. Compliment her. Tell her you like her fur... 

WAFFLES:  Ok. I like your fur.

KATIE:  Waffles, you need to romance it. "I love your furs... how do you keep them so silky-soft?" 

WAFFLES:  Thanks, Boss. I lick them everyday. 

KATIE:  No Waffles, you're supposed to ask ME how I keep MY fur so soft. 

WAFFLES:  But I already know. You lick yours like elebenty billion times a day. That's why you cough up all those nasty hairballs that Glogirly steps in and–

KATIE: Waffles... IF you want to impress the ladies, do NOT bring up hairballs. Ok, let's try this again. Just say, "Hello, my name is Waffles. What's your name?"


KATIE:  Take it down a notch, Waffles. A little lower.

WAFFLES:  *low voice* Hello, my name is Waffles.''

Sunday, April 21, 2024

15 Week Countdown - Week 7 The Paw Touch That Rocked the Interwebs

Welcome to Week 7 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.)

Part of the fun of our countdown is perusing some of our most favorite blog posts. The funniest years of our blog were absolutely the early years of Waffles and Katie. Those of you that have been with us all this time know their relationship was complicated. Waffles was fascinated with Katie, vying for her attention every chance he got. Katie tolerated Waffles. It's not that she didn't like was more like a sister brother relationship. Or rather, the all knowing older sister and annoying little brother relationship. 

This is one of our MOST favorite funnies. In part because Katie NEVER let Waffles touch her. Like EVER. Until this. Until the infamous Paw Touch.

The Paw Touch that Rocked the World

WAFFLES:  So Boss. We've been together now for about elebenty seven years.

KATIE:  Actually, it 2 years, 8 months, 21 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes.

WAFFLES:  That's what I said. Elebenty seven years.

KATIE:  Fine. Elebenty whatever. So just how long are you planning on keeping your paw there? Because for the record, mine was here first. And yours is encroaching.

WAFFLES:  Uh, but when a boy cat and a girl cat go out for elebenty seven years –


WAFFLES:  Yeah, Boss. You know. Like going study and stuff.

KATIE:  You mean going 'steady'? We are NOT going steady, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Does that mean we're not going to the first base thing?

KATIE:  What, you mean like baseball?

About Today's SHOCKING Photos

You should have heard Glogirly squealing after she shot these photos this past weekend.

Katie and Waffles HOLDING HANDS??? 

Call CNN!
Call Entertainment Tonight!
Call Jackson Galaxy!

Waffles is fascinated with Katie. He SO wants to engage. After breakfast, Katie trotted over to one of her favorite hang out spots - her big soft pillow by the sliding glass doors. It's one of the few spots Waffles usually lets her be. Until today.

He walked up to her, sat down just at the edge of her pillow and started meowing. Long, extended meows. Slowly he reached out with his right paw towards her. He carefully set it down right on top of her paw and then laid it on the pillow next to hers.

Then came the stare down.

This was one of those moments Glogirly would pay just about any amount of money to be able to read their minds.

And in case you're wondering...

These are actual, untouched photographs. NO photoshop trickery was used. For real.

Monday, April 15, 2024

15 Week Countdown- Week 6: Cat Tax

Welcome to Week 6 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.) 

Since it's April 15 today, we thought it would be fun to share Ellie and Waffles take on taxes. In between skiing, Glogirly managed to find time to prep all her records for the big tax day and the kitties OF COURSE had to help. 

 Cat Tax Prep

WAFFLES:  Whaddaya mean you can't deduct our toys on your taxes??? 

ELLIE:  Glogirly says that's not how it works, Mr. Waffles. She also said you don't even know what a deduction is.

WAFFLES:  I do too know what a deduct is.

ELLIE:  You mean a deduction? 

WAFFLES:  That's what I said. And our toys should totally be a deduct. And our litter, and our food.

ELLIE:  Glogirly said you also have to pay taxes to claim deductions. Do you pay taxes, Mr. Waffles?

WAFFLES:  PAY?? You mean like with real money and stuff?

WAFFLES:  This whole tax thing is no fun at all. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

15 Week Countdown- Week 5: Face 2 Face

Welcome to Week 4 of our 15 week countdown to retirement! (Just click over to HERE if you missed the big announcement.) 

Last week we shared the arrival of sweet Ellie and her first face-to-face encounter with Waffles. We've often wondered if when Waffles looked at Ellie with eyes as big as saucers, he remembered Katie's glare when he first met her way when he joined the family. What goes around, comes around! 

Here is one of our very first posts with Katie and Waffles. It comes from way back in 2012. FYI-In the beginning we called Waffles, "Waffles Too." Don't let that throw you. We'll have to explain that later! For now, we hope you enjoy Waffles in his fresh kitten cuteness and the shock and awe of Katie.

Face 2 Face

Hi everyone, Katie here.

He's out. Waffles Too has officially come out of the kitten room. After our supervised meet-and-greet I wrote of yesterday, Glogirly & Gloman decided (without my consultation I might add) they saw no reason Waffles Too and I couldn't spend the day together with the run of the townhouse ...under their watchful eyes.

Waffles Too THINKS he can stalk me.

That kitten was EVERYWHERE. I had no idea anything could move that fast. I just sat back and watched the show. It's like watching Animal Planet TV on steroids. Truth be told, it's kind of entertaining. So much so that I haven't even had reason to lower my ears into the aircraft position.

For the most part we kept our distance. But when Waffles Too approached, and crossed that sacred line, I countered with a well articulated hiss.

Only once did the pea eyed monster return fire. He caught on quickly though and began to walk around me, maintaining a 24" no fly zone. 

Stand Off at the OK Wand Toy

Toys. Can you say *AWKWARD?* To Waffles, the world is his toy. This includes all of MY toys. Sometimes the lure of the wand toy causes him to cross the no-fly zone, thus resulting in another hiss exchange.  Waffles doesn't let it get him down though. He doesn't cower into a corner or run for cover. He just hops away and moves on to the next shiny object. He's got chutzpah and the attention span of a gnat. 

Glogirly is home much of the time now, so she's been able to watch Waffles and make sure he doesn't blatantly screw up. When she leaves to get groceries or go to the gym, she puts Waffles back in the Kitten Room. She also puts him back at bedtime. She probably wants to make sure the little monster doesn't attack me in my sleep. For that, I am grateful.

For the most part, this kitten invasion has been turbulence free. The seat belt sign is off and we are now free to walk about the townhouse.  

But Waffles, be careful where you step.