Thursday, July 14, 2011

Driving Me Crazy

Hi everyone, Katie here,

Glogirly and Gloman are crazy. And they're now driving ME crazy. Glogirly is all about having a shiny red car.

She even got me a carrier that matches her car. Not a fan of carriers, but as long as it's fashionable (and unzipped) I suppose I can live with that.

Gloman's has an insatiable need for speed. He's got this noisy box that sits in the window. It's called an escort. I thought prostitution was illegal, but whatever. To each his own. When I'm in his car (not often, but often enough) this escort hooker thingy makes a terrible piercing noise. Every time it screams, he slams on the breaks and mumbles something about pork and fuzz.

Although I'm not a fan of pork or any other bacon derivative, I do like fuzz. But frankly I just don't get the connection...speed, hookers, pork, fuzz...sounds quite unsavory, not to mention ILLEGAL. This whole thing leaves me confused.

Glogirly says that when Gloman gets too old to drive a car, he's going to need a really souped up hoveround.



  1. Hehehehehehehe!!! We loved your red carrier, but we do not like cars or the PTU's we have to travel in!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  2. Eeek! Katie, your post is about my two LEAST favorite things: cars (btw, my human's is red - it's a Mini Cooper), and PTUs.

  3. as long as the hovearound lets you sit unzipped in the carrier you should be fine...mommas are nutty!
    Benny & Lily

  4. I used to heard we Tuxedo are very smart ! and some of us can drive a car but I never believe it till...NOW !
    Amazing !!!! : )

  5. Yikes! What the heck kind of people do you live with?!

  6. You reminds me of Toonces the Driving Cat, Katie!

  7. Katie, we want to come live with you. Here in Nevada Cats are Not Allowed to drive, at any speed. Or color. It's so unfair.
    We think Gloman may need therapy to deal with"issues". And that's what we think.

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